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20th May 2021





10% Commission Charge that is payable to the site owner on the sale of your home

Good News.  The Independent Review of the 10% Commission Charge that you campaigned for is now taking place.  Government has commissioned research by Liverpool University with the assistance of Sheffield Hallam. 

I was asked to give them the names of four residents from around the country who would be willing to take part in a group meeting with the researchers to give their thoughts on the commission charge.  This has been done and I, on behalf of our Justice Campaign have taken part in a group meeting where I could put forward the feelings of our Justice Campaign. 

In due course, I believe there will be a survey for all park home residents and when I have details of this I will make sure that it is advertised to all.  The research is not expected to conclude until the end of this year.  At that time its findings will be given to the Government and we will then await the outcome that hopefully will bring about a change to the commission charge.

Our President of the Justice Campaign, Sir Peter Bottomley MP, who actively supports our campaign has written personally to the CMA (Competition & Markets Authority) regarding the 10% Commission Charge.  


As you will all be aware; Government has promised that this will be introduced when Parliamentary Time Allows.  Needless to say, our patience is now wearing rather thin with these ongoing delays in bringing about the promised change from RPI to CPI.

For those who are not aware of the procedures that have to take place I have written a small resume below. 

Although the Government has promised to change RPI to CPI; before this can happen it has to be included in this year's parliamentary timetable.  Before that could happen, the MHCLG (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government) would have had to put the bid forward to the PBL  (Parliamentary Business and Legislation) Committee.  At the last but one APPG meeting Sir Christopher Chope asked if the MHCLG would put the bid forward for inclusion.  The reply from MHCLG was not positive.  In short, that means that if nothing else can be done the change from RPI to CPI will not happen in this year's parliamentary time table. 

I have written to Sir Peter, our President, to ask if he could do something about this.  At the APPG meeting a few days ago Sir Peter and Sir Christopher Chope OBE MP  looked at other ways that could perhaps be brought about to get the bid for RPI to CPI into this parliamentary timetable.  I believe they will try to do the same thing  - that happened behind the scenes   - when the Bill to stop Sale Blocking was included in the parliamentary timetable.  Of course, we do not know if it will be successful - but I tell you this because it is important to know that certain MPs are doing all that they can to help us on this front and as I know I have said on many occasions; without help from the inside of Westminster, nothing will happen.   I will of course let you know  if  a positive way forward can be found for this year.

Stolen Home

It is now just over three years since my home was stolen and so many of you offered me a bed when I was homeless and contributed to the fund raising that has since helped me to set up a new home.

It has been a very long, stressful and difficult journey to get this into the Crown Court at Exeter.  Now, I am just 11 days away from the Trial of the two men accused of stealing my home.  The trial begins on Tuesday 1st June and is scheduled to last for four days.  I will let you all know the outcome in due course and I would sincerely like to thank you all for the support you have given.

Best Wishes to all


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