Sunday 29 May 2022

Sunday 29th May 2022


 Although the President of PHOJC, Sir Peter Bottomley and the Department of Levelling Up are asking questions of the Secretary of State for Energy,  it is clear from the outcry  that we can - and I believe we must all do our bit to add pressure.
If you agree, would you please all write to your own MPs requesting them to 
obtain answers to this important question from the Secretary of State for energy.
Many thanks

Friday 27 May 2022

Friday 27th May 2022



After receiving many emails yesterday, following the Chancellor's speech;  I emailed the Department of Levelling up, asking if park home owners would get this payment  - even if the park owner is the bill payer.

The Department responded almost immediately, saying  "They have raised this question today  with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and will get back to me as soon as they get a reply.

IN ADDITION.  I emailed our President, Sir Peter Bottomley  at 7.24 this morning and asked Sir Peter to ascertain if park home owners who are forced to pay for their energy through a site owner (who holds the account) can benefit - and how will they get the money.

I will post the answers as soon as I have them.


Thursday 26 May 2022

26th May 2022



Today, PHOJC members have  received the below from our colleague Sonia McColl. It is both self-explanatory and much welcomed where work and efforts in the background usually go unseen.  This improves all our hopes that  more will be done more quickly:

Dear Justice Campaign Member

I have not as yet heard from the Department with regard to the change from RPI to CPI - but if it comes later, I will report.   However, following on from his question to the Prime Minister on our behalf, I have received the letter below from our President Sir Peter Bottomley.  I am told that this morning, he has sent this letter to the Secretary of State, Michael Gove MP.  When I hear the outcome, I will post it to you all.

Hopefully, this morning we will all receive help from the government.  I have already emailed to thank Sir Peter for his continued support.  Please  read Sir Peter's letter - which I hope will bring the right result for all park home residents.

Best wishes


26 th May 2022 

Dear Michael, 

I write in my capacity as vice- chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Park Homes (APPG) and President for the Park Homes Owners Justice Campaign (PHOJC) concerning Government’s review of the Mobile Homes Act 2013 in England including the need for greater support and protection for park home owners. 

Government issued its response that included proposing to strengthen existing legislation to: (a) improve residents rights (b) give local authorities greater enforcement powers against 

rogue/unscrupulous site owners and review the pitch fee inflationary index from the Retail Price Index (RPI) to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  and on commission fees payable on the sale of any park home, 

Pitch fees had been increased by the RPI for many years, but their pensions were linked to increases in the CPI. In 2018 following the pitch fee review as part of its response Government concluded that it had: “…Considered all the arguments put forward including concerns about affordability for both residents and site owners.  We also considered the merits of using CPI or RPI as the pitch fee review inflationary index and have concluded that CPI is the most appropriate inflationary index.

The Government will introduce legislation in due course to change the pitch fee review inflationary index from RPI to CPI, when parliamentary time allows.” 

The inspirational and dedicated Sonia McColl OBE, founder of the PHJOC has been lobbying with others for this change for the past eight years and received support from as she explained: ‘Lord Graham of Edmonton, Dame Annette Brooke OBE, former MP Natascha Engel, Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, Sir Christopher Chope MP, Sir Peter Bottomley MP, Lord Richard Best, Steve Brine MP, Sir Robert Buckland MP, Paul Baker, Sebastian O’Kelly and Martin Boyd both of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership and Secretariat for the leasehold/commonhold reform APPG, PB Insurance Limited,  Tony Turner of the Park Homes Policy Forum, Mr. Alan Savory, The Park Homes Magazine and Brian Doick MBE – NAPHR, et al. Government promised it would adopt the changes some four years ago. Wales has already done so. 

You will agree, it is now time for England to level- up and provide greater protection for park home owners. Might you kindly provide a timeframe when Government will commit to addressing this issue that continues to impact negatively lives of park home residents and their families. 

I look forward to hearing back from you. 

Yours sincerely, 

Sir Peter Bottomley MP. 

Father of the House. Vice- chair for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Park Homes. Co-chair for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Leasehold and Commonhold Reform.

( The letter is signed and copied to the Chair for the All-Party Group on Park Homes Sir Christopher Chope MP )

Monday 16 May 2022

16th May 2022


RPI to CPI and the 10%

I am on the train and have attended the APPG for Park Homes Meeting today.  A lot was said on many subjects which will be in the minutes that can be read later.

Currently  the important subjects  that affects every park home resident in the country, are RPI to CPI and the 10% Commission charge.  I know this is number one in the thoughts of residents as pricesescalate and it must be dealt with.

Sir Christopher Chope and Sir Peter Bottemley questioned this at some length.  I put everything forward that I could and voiced what I know are your thoughts on these subjects.The fact is, that the Department were not at liberty to give an answer today or divulge what is happening.

I pushed them as far as it was possible to go and I have been promised and given permission to tell you that they will email me direct next week with regard to RPI to CPI. 

I can guess at what might be happening - but it would be wrong of me to speculate. 
They are all very aware of how the residents feel and as soon as I hear from them, I will post to you all.

To get answers was frustrating - to say the least - like drawing teeth.
However I have their promise and I can also tell you that the 10% Commission Report is completed and will be published very soon.

I hope - very soon to bring better definite news on the promise that government has ignored for 4 years.

Best wishes

Thursday 12 May 2022

12th May 2020

                       RPI to CPI  IMPORTANT UPDATE

Our President Sir Peter Bottomley, who is the Father of the House; spoke up for us in the debate that followed the Queen's Speech and we thank him.  

You can see his contribution from the Queen's Speech Debate on Tuesday afternoon below.

Tuesday 10 May 2022

Tuesday 10th May 2022

 Dear Justice Campaign Member

RPI TO CPI and the 10%

I have just listened to the Queen's speech and heard nothing that appears to be directly linked to the above that is included in the next parliamentary time table.

However, much has been done.  MPs are onboard and there are ways that a Bill can be included, if indeed it is not already planned.

RPI to CPI and the 10% affects every park home owner in the land, and the current RPI is causing much hardship.

An APPG (all party parliamentary group) meeting has been called for Monday 16th May.  I will be travelling to London to attend and I will ask the necessary questions and forcefully put forward the resident's case regarding the promises that government made 4 years ago.

I will report back after the meeting.

Best Wishes

Friday 29 April 2022

29th April 2022


RPI  to  CPI.  WE MUST GET IT IN THE NEXT PARLIAMENTRY SESSION.  Please continue to lobby your MP on this and the 10% Commission.


ANOTHER MP joins Sir Gavin Williamson MP, Sir Christopher Chope MP, Heather Williams MP




Dr Ben Spencer




Parliament is being prorogued today and is back in two weeks for the Queen’s speech. Lots of important legislation coming forward and much work to do nationally such as improving education, dealing with the cost of living crisis, and response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Dr Ben Spencer




But there are some issues that won’t make the front pages but for those affected is a big deal.

Dr Ben Spencer


An example is the move from RPI to CPI for pitch fee increases for park home residents, I am pushing for this to be in our legislation next session. It’s a small and simple change but the right one, and what a difference it would make for my constituents who live in park homes.


UPDATE ON THE 10% THAT PHOJC has campaigned for.


Let's hope we hear something

positive after the Queen's Speech on May 10th.




Eddie Hughes Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities)


A mobile home site owner is entitled to a maximum 10% commission on the sale of a mobile home by a resident. The department commissioned research on the likely impacts on residents and site owners of a change to the 10% commission paid on the sale of a park home. The research was carried out by the University of Liverpool last year and the final report submitted on 12 January 2022. While considering the findings it was decided further research was required to ensure the report was comprehensive. The final report has now been received by the department and it is currently being reviewed and prepared for publication. It will be published as soon as possible.