Thursday, 12 May 2022

12th May 2020

                       RPI to CPI  IMPORTANT UPDATE

Our President Sir Peter Bottomley, who is the Father of the House; spoke up for us in the debate that followed the Queen's Speech and we thank him.  

You can see his contribution from the Queen's Speech Debate on Tuesday afternoon below.

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Tuesday 10th May 2022

 Dear Justice Campaign Member

RPI TO CPI and the 10%

I have just listened to the Queen's speech and heard nothing that appears to be directly linked to the above that is included in the next parliamentary time table.

However, much has been done.  MPs are onboard and there are ways that a Bill can be included, if indeed it is not already planned.

RPI to CPI and the 10% affects every park home owner in the land, and the current RPI is causing much hardship.

An APPG (all party parliamentary group) meeting has been called for Monday 16th May.  I will be travelling to London to attend and I will ask the necessary questions and forcefully put forward the resident's case regarding the promises that government made 4 years ago.

I will report back after the meeting.

Best Wishes

Friday, 29 April 2022

29th April 2022


RPI  to  CPI.  WE MUST GET IT IN THE NEXT PARLIAMENTRY SESSION.  Please continue to lobby your MP on this and the 10% Commission.


ANOTHER MP joins Sir Gavin Williamson MP, Sir Christopher Chope MP, Heather Williams MP




Dr Ben Spencer




Parliament is being prorogued today and is back in two weeks for the Queen’s speech. Lots of important legislation coming forward and much work to do nationally such as improving education, dealing with the cost of living crisis, and response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Dr Ben Spencer




But there are some issues that won’t make the front pages but for those affected is a big deal.

Dr Ben Spencer


An example is the move from RPI to CPI for pitch fee increases for park home residents, I am pushing for this to be in our legislation next session. It’s a small and simple change but the right one, and what a difference it would make for my constituents who live in park homes.


UPDATE ON THE 10% THAT PHOJC has campaigned for.


Let's hope we hear something

positive after the Queen's Speech on May 10th.




Eddie Hughes Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities)


A mobile home site owner is entitled to a maximum 10% commission on the sale of a mobile home by a resident. The department commissioned research on the likely impacts on residents and site owners of a change to the 10% commission paid on the sale of a park home. The research was carried out by the University of Liverpool last year and the final report submitted on 12 January 2022. While considering the findings it was decided further research was required to ensure the report was comprehensive. The final report has now been received by the department and it is currently being reviewed and prepared for publication. It will be published as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Tuesday 26th April 2022

 The next meeting of the APPG (all party parliamentary group for park homes.)

The AGM and meeting will take place in the Palace of Westminster on 16th May 2022.

I will be there to represent our Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign  and -  if it has not been covered in the Queen's speech on 10th May -  I have asked for the Independent Review of the 10% Commission Charge and the change from RPI to CPI to be included on the agenda - because this affects every park home owner in the land and is what 30.000 park home residents have campaigned for.

In addition to Sir Christopher Chope MP and Heather Williams M;  Sir Gavin Williamson has now joined many other MPs and put his weight behind our campaign.  This is due to the park home residents - who belong to our JUSTICE Campaign -  being proactive and sending copies of the letters our campaign has written to their own constituency MP - and informing their local media.  Proving once again, that this is the way to move forward and get answers. 

There is still time before the Queen's speech on May 10th, so please do try to get your local media to show up this shameful situation, where some of the most vulnerable in our society are forced to pay RPI increases to their Pitch Fees - when their pensions only rise by CPI.

IMy requests for the Agenda are based solely on what our JUSTICE Campaign is trying to achieve.  Other stakeholders, will also have asked for various topics to be on the Agenda or in AOB (any other business.) I will do my best to speak up - where necessary on any subject that is raised - for park home residents.

Best wishes

Click on the link below to see what other Residents have done.

Tuesday 26th April 2022


The members of the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign are succeeding in their efforts.

Another MP calls on the Government to bring in a Bill to change RPI to CPI on the pitch fee increase.

Sunday, 24 April 2022

24th April 2022




The JUSTICE Campaign -PHOJC - is calling on government to change RPI to CPI. Please SHARE this widely as you can  and do as these residents have done and get your local media to report on our plight.

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

19th April 2022


By Sonia McColl OBE


ON 27th MAY 2022

It is with much pride of our achievements – tinged with a little sadness – that after six years and three months of voluntary help to thousands of park home residents; I believe the time has come to close Park-HELP-Line whose free, friendly and anonymous service was initiated on 10th February 2016. 

Although we have never charged residents for our help – the telephones had to be paid for and the operators and I thank Paul Baker of pbinsurance services for park homes for paying the monthly telephone bill.

When our seven wonderful, dedicated operators (who are all park home residents) began, there was only the Advisory Services, who for an annual fee, offered advice and help to park home residents.

For many years, the Park-HELP-line operators – many of whom had personal experience of the problems residents faced - directed callers to various outlets that could best address their problems and this worked well.

We were very fortunate to have help from Mr. Sam Mayer of Henriques Griffiths (Solicitors.)  This proved invaluable as he offered a free consultation to all residents directed to him by Park-HELP-line and this service was often enough to allay the fears of those who felt they had nowhere to turn.

However, with the passage of time, things changed and the Government decided to sponsor the LEASE Advisory Service - which is a professional organisation whose advisors are paid to do the job.  Therefore, the work of Park-HELP-Line was no longer needed in the same way.

Before closing, I want to thank the Park-HELP-Line Operators who all hail from different parts of our country.  They have all gone beyond the call of duty and worked voluntarily every day (including Christmas.) 

Such was their commitment that one Operator, who worked while terminally ill has now passed away – and we hope she now rests in peace. 

The other unsung heroes, who have always remained anonymous for their own safety;(because they live on various parks) will be reluctantly unplugging their phones on Friday 27th May. 

We do this for the benefit of the residents because LEASE, the new Government Sponsored Advisory Service is now the way forward for residents who need help and advice.  You can contact LEASE on 02072672900

Everyone involved with Park-HELP-Line has done an amazing job and I know that the remuneration for their unstinting desire to help other residents has been rewarded by the hundreds of grateful messages they have received from park home residents across our country.

There is a saying: 

"Don’t be a has been. Know when it is time to leave – as new things are put into place - and leave while you are still on top."

Thank you to all involved for your dedication and let Park-HELP-Line be remembered for all the excellent work that it has done and the thousands of park home residents you have helped