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It's confirmed.
Our Petition is going to Downing Street.
We are rallying in London
and after the rally
we have again been afforded a Committee Room in the Palace of Westminster
for a one and a half hour meeting.
At that meeting residents will hopefully be able to put forward their opinion on
the  10% Commission Charge
and Peers, Ministers, Shadow Ministers and MP's will be invited to attend.
It does not get better than that and we are on our way again.

Firstly, may I say a big thank you to all members of our Justice Campaign.  You have done a brilliant job.  Your signed petitions have and still continue to arrive every day and you have also supplied me with the answers and pictorial evidence needed to help build the statistical material that MP's can use to debate our campaign.  
Thanks must also go to Lord Graham of Edmonton for his valued support.  My excellent MP, Annette Brooke OBE who is bidding weekly for an "Adjournment Debate" to get MP's talking about our campaign and who has agreed to accompany us to Downing Street and has secured a Committee Room in the Palace of Westminster for our meeting.  The many other MP's and MEP's who have also offered support and the Advisory Services IPHAS and NAPHR along with the JBS Residents Alliance who have all supported us by informing their members of our petition. 
Sadly and although I did not make a lot of it, many of you have contacted me after realising and hearing stories that the Industry have brought pressure to bear in such a way that it could only be seen as an attempt to hinder our campaign's effort to bring our petition to the attention of all the Park Home Residents in our country.  
This action, although one that was clearly designed to hinder the democratic right of the park home owner to petition and peacefully protest, has, I believe been done out of fear.  It was an effort to prevent our campaign's petition from reaching every park home owner in the residential and holiday sector.  Personally, I believe the reason for this can only be:
 The Site Owners have and want to continue to enjoy this unearned commission bonus at our expense - and I believe they are rightly concerned that we - the Park Home Owners - are collectivly using our voice and that our Justice Campaign will help to bring about the further justice and fairness that is sorely needed in this Industry. 
Well, they are right to be concerned because site owners have had it their way for far too long.  They take our equity.  They benefit from the improvements that we make to our homes.  They pocket much of the equity from our homes that is needed if we have to go into care and they receive this unearned bonus every time the home is sold, in-short they make us feel trapped because we can only buy something inferior to what we have if we wish to move on.
However, I can report that their efforts to thwart our campaign have not succeeded because we have done what we set out to do.  Literally thousands of park home residents from every part of our country have signed our petition and this is something that cannot be ignored.  These signatures will send a very clear message to all Parliamentarians in this run up to the election year and I am pleased to be able to tell you that we are now on the second leg of our journey. 
A RALLY OF PARK HOME RESIDENTS is being arranged in London on that day and following the Rally and the presentation of the Petition to Downing Street, a Committee Room in the Palace of Westminster has now been booked to allow an important meeting to take place for all those residents who will be attending the rally.  The meeting will last for one hour and a half.  The agenda will be "our petition for a Debate to Review the 10% Commission Charge" and Ministers, Shadow Ministers and MP's will be invited to attend. 
About 200 residents rallied in London with their wonderful banners when we successfully petitioned to stop "Sale Blocking" and I hope that an even larger number of park home residents will attend this rally - because strength in numbers is the only way that we can show those in power that we want them to act and give us a proper Parliamentary Debate to Review this 10% Commission Charge.
The TV, Radio and Press will be informed and I hope that we will get good coverage on the day.
Full details of the days events, times, parking for coaches and directions etc., will be sent to all those who wish to attend the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign Rally on Wednesday 2nd July 2014. 
I  appreciate that before deciding if you can attend you will want to know the time that you need to assemble in London.  The assembly point will be in a designated area at 12.30pm.  This will most probably be "Old Palace Yard" near the green in front of the Palace of Westminster where we will rally with our banners for approximately one hour and hopefully gain TV, Radio and Media coverage.  There are plenty of wooden benches in this area, so those who wish to sit down may easily do so.   
There will be various events during the rally.  We will walk (at a steady pace) with our banners to the Downing Street enclosure for the presentation of our petition.  Then we will return to the Palace of Westminster, go through airport style security before being directed to the impressive Committee Room for our meeting that will begin at 4pm and end at 5.30pm. This timing should allow us all to get the early evening transport to our respective homes - or go back to our respective coaches or mini buses.  I believe that coaches will be able to park on the embankment - but I will check this and add it to the details that will be sent to all those who are attending our Rally.   
This is your opportunity to have a memorable and unforgettable day out - but more importantly, your opportunity to come to Westminster and let all Members of Parliament know that you want a "Debate to Review the 10% Commission Charge."  In short, this will be something that you can tell to your grandchildren about. 
As you will appreciate, there is a lot of organising to do, so may I ask if you would please let me know BY EMAIL as soon as possible if you, or a party from your park will be attending (please give me approximate numbers.)  I will then confirm everything with you and send the full details that you will need.
May I also ask if you would please do as you did at our last rally - and bring your own banners.   If possible, could you please include the name of your County on your banner as it shows the TV News Reporters and the media that our campaign is one that is supported nationwide. 
As a footnote, may I say, we have all worked so hard to get this far and whilst many rallies go to London.  Few are given the opportunity to have one and a half hour meetings in the Palace of Westminster with Peers, Ministers and MP's in attendance.   However, our Justice Campaign has always handled itself in a respectful and dignified way and the doors have again been opened for us by the people who have the power to change things.  So lets make a big effort to get a large number of park home residents to peacefully rally in London and attend this special meeting. 
We now have 200% more signatures than we had when we successfully petitioned to stop "Sale Blocking" (which is amazing)  and I am going to close the petition on Sunday 8th June 2014 as all the signed petitions (except for a token box that will be delivered to Downing Street)  will have to be delivered to London with the online petition before the 2nd July. 
Therefore we have just ten weeks to gather as many petitions as we can.  To this end I have attached a Petition Form and would ask you to please give our campaign one last push and use it to gather as many signatures as you can before sending it back to me by  Saturday 7th June.  And please do not forget that you and your family and friends can also sign the online petition 

Also, you will all be aware that I do not charge for membership of our campaign - but sadly everything has a cost.  Most things I manage to deal with, but there is one major cost to cover that is more difficult.  That is the cost of sending thousands of your signed petitions, properly boxed to an official address in London by courier.   Therefore, may I please ask if there is anyone out there who could help the campaign by collecting me and the boxed petitions from Dorset and taking us to a delivery address in London? - if  there is, would you please contact me by telephone or email. 
It rules that Site Owners cannot charge for "ADMINISTRATION" including
meter reading and issuing invoices that cannot be made in respect of
ELECTRICITY OR GAS SUPPLY unless there is an express term in the
Written Statement saying an administration charge for this can be
I have received complaints from residents about a trader who is advertising in a glossy magazine.  Apparently, the refurbishment and maintenance work that has been done to park homes is not up to the expected standard and the residents who have contacted me are concerned that elderly or vulnerable park home residents could fall foul of this type of advertisement and receive shoddy workmanship.  Whilst I cannot name names, I share the concern of those who have contacted me and can only recommend that if you are looking to have maintenance done on your park home.  Get a quote from a reputable well known company who will give you a guarantee.   Be very wary.  Do not be taken in by big advertisements - or even a trader's membership to what you might consider to be reputable organisations.  Do talk to neighbours, family and friends and if possible use traders who are recommended by your family, friends and neighbours - or whose work you have seen.
 Once again.  Thank you all for the work that you have done.  Please gather some more signatures from your friends and family on the attached petition form and I hope to hear from you soon with the message that you will be able to attend our rally and we can all meet in London on the 2nd July 2014.
Best Wishes



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Dear Justice Campaign Member
Well 2013 was certainly the year of the Park Home Resident.  The Campaign to stop "Sale Blocking" - that was instigated and fought for by the members of our Justice Campaign - completed its journey through the House of Commons and the House of Lords before receiving Royal Assent from Her Majesty the Queen on the 26th March 2013.
That was the Bill that would cement the new legislation. The new Mobile Homes Act 2013 and all the changes that are due to take place in 2014.  Certainly, this was a time when the Park Home Residents of our country stood firmly together, provided statistics that were needed to change events - and an era that will forever be known in park home history as the time when the balance of power began to correct itself to the fairer level that it should always have been and the day when the power of the residents toppled the unscrupulous site owners who will never again be legally able to block the sale of homes.  YOU ALL DID A TRULY MAGNIFICENT JOB.  
However, we must not forget that in doing this we had valuable help and support from Lords, Ministers, MP's, the Advisory Services IPHAS, NAPHR and PHRAA along with the JBS Residents Action Alliance, Towergate Insurance and the Park Home and Holiday Caravan Magazine - but Sale Blocking and the new Mobile Homes Act 2013 would not have happened at this time without you the supporters of our Justice Campaign - because quite simply, no one else was doing anything to stop "Sale Blocking" at this time and the input of all residents made us the driving force.
Since the death of my husband Tony, there are now only two people who help with the running of our Justice Campaign:  Sonja (a friend) who helps with admin and the gentleman who built and manages our campaign web site - but prefers to remain anonymous.  I am sure that like me, you will give them a   big vote of thanks.
The most rewarding thing to come out of our campaign is the heartfelt letters that have been received from so many Residents who (after years of sale blocking) have eventually been able to sell their homes.  Those letters have made our campaign so worthwhile and in fact the home that was sale blocked for some seven years - and was the very home that led to the start of the Justice Campaign - has now been sold and the retired couple are now living in peace after all the stress and hardship they were forced to endure by an unscrupulous park owner. 
Further sections of the new legislation will come into force in 2014 and although there are bound to be teething problems, the work of Government and the DCLG has made the playing field much fairer and the Park Home Resident will certainly have a lot more input into the things that govern their lives whilst living in a park home. 
Our Justice Campaign already receives many calls from Residents who have park home related problems and the message to everyone is:  PLEASE JOIN ONE OF THE ADVISORY SERVICES - IPHAS, NAPHR or PHRAA.  The Advisory Services  are set up to help and give you information that you can trust on all things related to park home living.  They charge  approximately £5.00 per year for membership and links to some of the Advisory Services can be found on our Justice Campaign web site.
Towergate Insurance Road shows.
Towergate Insurance continues to help Park Home Residents and are planning to run four more of their very popular Park Home road shows in 2014. They have already run 8 such events which have been attended by over 1200 park home residents. The purpose of the road shows is to inform and engage with park home residents, to make them aware of changes in park home legislation, to give them advice and information and to answer their questions.
The speakers will be Alan Savory MBE of IPHAS, Neil Millar, a park home legal expert, Sonia McColl from the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign and others yet to be confirmed.  Full details  and dates can be found by following the link on our Justice Campaign web site to their Park Home Owners Club.
News has been received that Residents on parks owned by Messrs Small have been awarded reimbursement of application fees against Messrs Small at the First-Tier  Tribunal.  This is good news and will give encouragement to other residents who are perhaps a little worried about the costs incurred when taking their problems to the First-Tier Tribunal.  I believe that full details can be accessed on the JBS Residents Action Alliance web site which can be reached from a link on our campaign web site.
 where your help is URGENTLY needed again
to help our campaign  to obtain  a
Debate to review THE 10% COMMISSION CHARGE.
First and foremost, may I take this opportunity of wishing you a very Happy and Healthy New Year and to thank you for the sterling work that you have already done in gathering signatures for our latest petition.  Your signed petitions have arrived every day and we have now topped the 20,000 mark which is 10,000 more than we presented to Downing Street when we successfully petitioned to stop "Sale Blocking."
Whilst you have been signing petitions, I have been in touch with my MP -Annette Brooke OBE MP and because of your amazing effort a date is being sought to make the presentation of our petition to NUMBER 10 in July 2014.  I will let you have the date as soon as it is confirmed by Downing Street. 
Many of you have asked if we will have another rally in London.  Well the answer is definitely YES and it will be held on the day when the petition is presented and everyone who wants to attend will be very welcome to come along with their banners and we can again show Westminster that the Park Home Residents of our country mean business and want a Government Debate to Review the 10% Commission Charge.
It is also very likely - due again to your efforts so far -  that our campaign will have an "adjournment debate" before Easter 2014.  This is not the full Debate that we are requesting (that comes later) but this is a debate to get MP's talking about the subject - and that is just what we need to get the ball rolling and make all MP's aware of the unfairness of the 10% charge in its present format.
However, although a lot is now positively falling into place, other things have happened that are outside of our control and this means that we CAN NOT sit on our laurels.  Therefore, although you have done sterling work in obtaining signatures for our petition, if we are to succeed, this means that I have to ask each and every resident to please do just a little more. 
You are probably asking why!
Well, although my hands are somewhat tied - I will be as honest as I can and hope you will accept that I will try to explain as best as I am diplomatically able.
Whilst a lot of work is being done behind the scenes and those in power are already listening, Government and all MP's are naturally swayed by the sheer volume of people who sign a petition.  Our target to automatically trigger a Government Debate to Review the 10% Commission Charge is 100.000 signatures and moves were in place to virtually guarantee that we would reach almost all of the 2000 parks in our country.  But sadly,  I was reliably informed of strong opposition and pressure being laid by the Industry.
The form of this opposition (which I can see no practical purpose or benefit to our campaign in disclosing) is a method that would severely prevent/hinder our campaign from reaching its target figure.
Obviously, the Industry is obliged and will do all that it can to protect their clients (the site owners) but as far as I am concerned, from the information received, it was an action designed to hinder the Park Home Residents democratic right to petition and peacefully protest. 
I admit to being angry and could go further into this situation, but to do so would not achieve any positive results.  Would be a waste of valuable time and energy and quite frankly I am not prepared to let our campaign become embroiled in such trivial matters when we have important things to do - like collecting signatures for our petition.  
But, on a positive note, the pressure that I am informed the Industry has laid  clearly shows their fear that our campaign could - by securing a Government Debate - bring an end to a period when the site owners have everything heavily weighed in their favour and bring about a much fairer deal for the Park Home Resident.
However, I hope you will agree that what is important now, is that we all pull together to show the Industry that we will not be defeated and that with your help, THE PARK HOME RESIDENTS of this country will overcome any opposition and will get our petition to every park in our country. 
When the dates are confirmed we will be going to Downing Street before Parliament's summer recess and I am hoping that we can obtain a Government Debate to Review this Charge in October/November 2014 - and I will of course keep you all updated as soon as I can report further on this.  BUT WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT TO TAKE THE 100,000 SIGNATURES with us and  make them really sit up and listen. Because that is what it is going to take  - THE COLLECTIVE POWER OF THE RESIDENTS .  
Our campaign is totally non political but as previously disclosed,  Annette Brooke OBE MP has promised her support for the Debate when we reach our target figure and Lord Graham of Edmonton has also pledged his help and support.  In addition, Derek Clark, UKIP MEP for Northampton has publicly expressed his backing for our campaign in the January edition of the Park Homes and Holiday Caravan Magazine - so support is growing and I am sure there will be a lot more.
Unfortunately, I do not know of all the parks in your area, BUT YOU DO and if you are unsure you can get this information from your local authority.
1.   May I please ask if you or your Residents Association would help by copying the petition form that is attached to this email and deliver a copy to the Residents Association ( or a park home resident) on  every park in your area with a note to ask them to copy it to all their residents.  Because copying and return postage can be expensive, the attached  petition sheet has been altered and can now carry many signatures. 
Would you also please remember that if Residents are a couple, both can sign the petition.  Equally important to remember is that you do not have to be a park home resident to sign our petition.  Your friends, family and work colleagues can also sign if they wish to support you.
Therefore, it would also help greatly if you will give a copy of the petition to five people that you know (who are not Park Home Owners) and then ask each one to collect enough signatures to fill the sheet - we will then significantly boost the numbers and reach our target very quickly. 
When your friends have gathered the signatures from people who are happy to support this petition, please ask them to either return the form to you or post it back to our campaign address on the bottom of the form.
Although we have received replies from almost 1000 parks; on many of these parks only a handful of residents have responded.  Would you please make sure that everyone on your park knows about the campaign and has had the opportunity to sign if they should so wish?
When we get our debate (and I feel absolutely sure that we will) the MP's will need ammunition and evidence to support our reasoning as to why a reduction or change in the 10% commission charge is desperately needed.  This again is where your help is required.  As was done in our last campaign, statistics must be produced to provide every MP with the ammunition they will need to help us to get a much fairer deal - BECAUSE YOU CAN BE SURE THAT THE INDUSTRY WILL PUT UP STRONG OPPOSITION.
Evidence is already being gathered and research is being undertaken - but your help is really needed:
1.   If you have a Residents Association would you please ask them to either  email  or post the following information to our campaign address as soon as possible.  If you do not have a Residents Association, please do send the information as you know it to be - and please state the name and post code of your park.
       a)   How many residential homes are on your park?
       b)   What do you think is the average pitch fee on your park.   (Please do not
              include water and sewerage costs.)
       c)   How many private sales of homes have taken place on your park in the
             last 24 months and (if known) could you please state the average
             selling price? 
       d)   How many sales of new homes by the park owner have taken place on
              your park in the last 24 months and if known the average selling price? 
        e)   Is your park regularly maintained?
        f)    When a home is sold on your park and the park owner receives 10%
               commission.  Does he always make improvements  to the  park - or
               does the park remain in the same state - or does the park owner never
               make improvements to your park?
        Whilst you are hopefully gathering more signatures and sending  the statistics that are needed, I will be contacting the media in all forms to further publicise our campaign.
In February - when more details on the "adjournment debate" before Easter  will hopefully be available -  I will write to you all again enclosing a standard copy letter with the request that you please sign and send it to your MP with a copy of our petition to make them aware of the adjournment debate (providing of course that you agree with the content of the letter and are happy to sign it.) 
The rally of Park Home Residents in London on the day of the presentation to Downing Street will be organised and you will all be invited and given details.  In addition and if possible, I hope to arrange another meeting for us all to attend in the Palace of Westminster's Committee Rooms and hope to arrange for MP's to also attend.
May I also stress and clarify, that our Campaign is only asking for a Debate to Review this outdated 10% Commission Charge and it carries the proviso that should the abolition or any reduction be made to the 10% commission, the park owner must never be allowed to add this reduction to any pitch fee review.
Well, we have done it before and  we are already well on the way to doing it again.  With your continued help, together, we can make sure that our petition reaches every Park Home Resident in our country - and I hope you will agree that we must not allow the Industry to prevent us from obtaining our goal.  The Industry have had it their way for far too long and it is time for change and a fairer system to be introduced. 
Only with your help can we give our petition the push that it needs to get the signatures that we require and the information that is necessary for the statistics to be provided to all MP's
Please also remember to ask all your email contacts to sign our online petition at:
Once again thank you for your sterling work and I wish you a Happy New Year, every success with your signature collecting and look forward to meeting many of you again in London when we present our petition

15th November  2013


Park Home Owners’ JUSTICE Campaign’s  PETITION

          Following our successful campaign for new legislation to end “ Sale Blocking,” your JUSTICE Campaign continues to fight for a fairer deal for park home residents by embarking upon a new campaign to review the right of site owners to charge a commission of up to 10% upon the private sale of park homes.  The present Commission Charge is outdated, inequitable and represents a significant loss of the park home owner’s hard earned equity.

          Although 2013 has been a very significant year and the new Mobile Homes Act 2013 will bring major improvements to the rights of park home residents; thousands of residents have contacted the JUSTICE campaign to ask:


          Well, the answer is YES.  With your help we can try.  We have done it before with the valuable assistance of Lord Graham of Edmonton, Annette Brooke OBE MP, Grant Shapps MP, Peter Aldous MP, the Advisory Services (IPHAS) and (NAPHR) the Park Home & Holiday Caravan magazine, JBS Residents Action Alliance, Peers, Ministers, MP’s, Civil Servants, the Media – and we can do it again – but it will need every park home resident to play their part by signing:           


          There are approximately 200,000 park home residents in our country and we only need 100,000 to sign the petition to trigger a parliamentary debate.

          If you want a Government Debate to review a change of the 10% commission charge, with the proviso that the park owner will not be allowed to add any reduction of the commission charge to any pitch fee review, please contact the Justice Campaign to obtain a petition form:

By telephone at 01929 553110  between 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday
By writing to the campaign at:
7 Silent Woman Park, Coldharbour, Wareham, Dorset. BH20 7PE
You can also download a copy of the petition form from

Both can be reached from links on our Justice Campaign Web Site.

          Consultations on the 10% have taken place before and there is no doubt that we will AND ALREADY ARE meeting with strong opposition. 
           However, thousands of signatures have already been collected – but we still need more if we are to get a review of this charge. 
          A further rally in London will be planned next year.  We will get the media involved and although we have a government e-petition, I will also start further e-petitions.

          I will also be contacting you all again in the New Year because our Justice Campaign will need you to become involved again.  You have already done brilliantly and we have far exceeded the number of petitions that we had when we successfully got the law changed to stop “Sale Blocking” – but this will be a lot harder and the Industry will really try to block this -  so we will all need to do more.

          With your help, I believe that we can get a Debate to Review the 10% Commission Charge which is outdated, inequitable, and totally unjust.  If you will do your bit to help, I promise to do the best that I can – together we are strong and we have already proved what we can achieve when we work together.  LET’S DO IT AGAIN!
With Best Wishes

Sonia McColl      founder of the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign

24th May  2013

Dear Justice Campaign Member.  Many of you are asking for information about the new changes in legislation. I have been informed today 24/5/13 


Has been written and is currently being printed. An electronic version will be sent to our Justice Campaign and as soon as it is available and it will be immediately  displayed on our Justice Campaign Web Site.In addition,  an email copy will be sent to all Residents on the Justice Campaign Data Base.  Sonia McColl 


14th May 2013

Your invitation to the Surrey Park Home roadshow, a not-to-miss event for all park home residents!

This is your last chance to book your FREE place at this event which is sponsored by Towergate Insurance.

  • Hear from Peter Aldous MP.
  • Hear from a panel of leading park home campaigners.
  • Have your park home related questions answered.
  • Meet and chat with fellow park home residents..
  • Find out what the Mobile Homes Bill 2013 means for you
When – Thursday 30 May 2013 at 3.00pm – 5.00pm
Where – Cobham Village Hall, Lushington Drive, Cobham, KT11 2LU

Call today on 0844 892 1417 for more information.

8th May 2013

I have been informed that the programme featuring


(which our Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign) 

has worked for
Will be televised on the 
BBC 1 tomorrow morning (9th May) at 11am.
Sonia McColl


4th April 2013

Dear Supporters of the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign

Please accept my very grateful thanks for all the beautiful emails, cards and messages of sympathy that I have received following the loss of 
my dear Tony.

He would have been astounded at the beautiful tributes that have been made and I hope and believe that somehow he will be able to know of them.
I am not able to answer the many inquiries that I have received regarding his funeral arrangements – but for those who wish to know.

A service of Love, Remembrance and Thanksgiving for his life will be held at:
The Church of Lady St. Mary
Wareham   Dorset
On Thursday 11th April 2013
At 2.15pm

Anyone who wishes to come will be very welcome to join us at the church
and afterwards at
The Silent Woman Inn  Coldharbour  Wareham   Dorset.

With Love and Thanks for your support


28th March 2013

Dear Justice Campaign Member
26th March 2013, the day our Mobile Homes Bill and in particular (Sale Blocking that we have all fought for) received Royal Assent.
Below is a copy of the letter that I have received from Lord Best:
"I am pleased to report that the House of Lords was informed yesterday that the Queen had given her assent to the Mobile Homes Bill. This came through on Lord Graham's 88th birthday: a fitting tribute and birthday present for Ted! "
In recognition of what Lord Graham has done for park home residents over what I believe is a 30 plus year period, this is indeed a fitting tribute and birthday present.  Lord Graham is a wonderful man and in my opinion is fully deserving of this tribute - but I know that Lord Graham will also want me to make sure that the work an support of the "Rock " behind the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign is brought to the attention of all park home residents.  
That Rock is my husband Tony McColl.  He neither asked for or wanted any form of recognition - save that the Bill to bring about legislation to stop "Sale Blocking" (a course of action that was initiated from our home) should become law.
With his unstinting support he allowed our home to become a Campaign Headquarters.  He  compiled the Data Base of some 15,000 names so that we could keep you informed.  He stuffed 650 envelopes to send our statistics to every MP.  He then carried them to London in an old suit case to save on postage.  He ensured that security was looked after at the various rallies.  He  allowed me to creep out of bed at 4am on countless mornings over a four year period to type letters and email campaigners, MP's. Police, Councils etc., etc.,   He drove us to the Towergate Road Shows.  He  allowed access to our home by the press and TV and he  allowed our home to become an office to answer calls from thousands of park home residents.  In fact, Annette Brooke OBE MP referred to him in the Palace of Westminster as the Campaign Widower.   
The list of his quiet achievements goes on and on and you are probably wondering why I am telling you this now.  Well as I have said previously, Tony was my Rock and our Campaign would not have happened and "Sale Blocking" would not have been stopped on the 26th March 2013 if he had not provided his totally unselfish support and whilst he was never looking for any form of glory or recognition -  I know that Tony is owed the thanks and recognition of every park home owner in our country.
In a cruel twist of fate on the 26th March 2013,  Tony McColl died on the very day that the Mobile Homes Bill received Royal Assent from her Majesty the Queen.  
Although, very close to death, I did whisper that the Bill had been signed by her Majesty the Queen - I can only hope that he was able to hear.
As has always been promised; when details of the do's and don't regarding the Bill are released from an official source, I will publish them on the Campaign Web Site and send to every campaign supporter - and I hope you will understand that for a short time now, I will not be able to answer the volumes of emails that we receive.  However, if you have real park home concerns, please contact the Advisory Services IPHAS or NAPHR who will give you information that you can trust.
I have deliberated how to end this and have seen it as a fitting tribute to sign for the last time
Tony and Sonia.

Dear Campaign Supporter

I have received the explanatory letter laid out below from Mr. Alan Savory MBE of IPHAS (Independant Park Homes Advisory Service) regarding a paragraph in their recently released Advisor that has been causing conflict.  To enable the contents to reach as many residents as possible, I am sending it to all residents on the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign Data Base.  May I ask if you would  please make sure this information gets to all residents on your park who do not have access to a computer.

Best Regards Sonia.


There have been a number of questions from residents about the paragraph in the Advisor relating to the site licence fee being passed on to residents.
The attached paper is written to provide an explanation for the apparent conflict.

Mobile Homes Act 2013

Some residents have been questioning the apparent conflict in the Mobile Homes Bill currently going through parliament; the items that may be puzzling are:-
The amended implied term 18 (1A) which states that “no regard shall be had, when determining the amount of the new pitch fee, to any costs incurred by the owner since the last review date for the purpose of compliance with the amendments made to this Act by the Mobile Homes Act 2013.”  Ref: clause 11(3) of the Bill.
The existing implied term 18(1)(c) which states that when determining the amount of the new pitch fee particular regard shall be had to (c) the effect of any enactment which has come into force since the last review date.

The confusion may be caused by the legal terminology. In the amended term it is “costs” which are expressly excluded from the pitch fee review and this means the costs incurred by the park owner in complying with any changes to the site licence conditions. The Act gives the local authority new powers to enforce the site licence conditions and to use the courts if necessary and to reclaim costs from the park owner. If necessary the local authority can issue compliance notices or even enter the park and carry out the necessary works. The local authority can recover the costs of all this from the park owner. It is these “costs” that can NOT be passed on to the residents in the pitch fee.

The fee accompanying a site licence application is not considered as a “cost” in the strict legal terminology for the purposes of this Act. It is just a licence fee. Therefore, because the Bill will give the local authority the power to charge a fee for the site licence, it can be  considered at the next pitch fee review under implied term 18(1)(c).

Although the site licence fee will probably be an annual fee, it can only be recovered once on the initial application for a site licence. The sum will become an integral part of the pitch fee which will increase each year with inflation. Therefore the park owner cannot add it on each year because it will already be in the pitch fee.

Note that the Bill also expressly excludes the cost of transferring or altering a site licence to the pitch fee by an amendment to implied term 19. Ref: clause 1(8) of the Bill. The Bill is carefully worded to clarify what costs  can NOT be passed onto the residents, namely the costs incurred by failure to comply with the site licence conditions or costs of complying with any changes to the conditions or costs of meeting any other requirements from the local authority. The Bill deliberately does not mention the site licence fee because that is covered by the existing term which states that the effect of any enactment can be considered at the pitch fee review. This is explained in paragraph 13 of the Explanatory Notes to the Bill.
The law allowing the cost of the licence fee to be passed on to residents would seem very unfair. We in IPHAS and NAPHR protested about this repeatedly at meetings of the DCLG when the legislation was being drafted and we objected to the idea at the Select Committee meeting. But on the plus side, the government has pointed out that it now gives residents some leverage to use on the local authority. Whereas previously, when residents asked the local authority for action on the site licence conditions they would use the excuse of lack of resources, in future we can point out that the residents are paying for the licence fee so we are entitled to some return for our money.

The Mobile Homes Bill has passed through all the readings in both Houses and is currently awaiting Royal Assent. The parts relating to the site licence fee will come into force on 1 April 2014.


Best Regards,

Alan Savory



Information regarding salt and grit on your park

Park owners are not under any site license obligation to provide salt or grit for roadways, but if anyone suffers injury as a result of their failure to do so, they may well be liable under the Occupiers Liabiliy Act 1957. The law of occupiers’ liability is a common law tort meaning it is actioned in a civil court and deals with issues between individual parties.

Under occupiers liability the person who occupies the land can be held liable when injury or some kind of harm has occurred to another person on that land, meaning that responsibility can fall to the person or persons who are in control of the land, premises, building, warehouse, office etc. In a Park Home environment, this will be the site owner.but when establishing whether someone is in control of the premises various other factors can also be taken into account:. In fact, property rights in the property / premises do not have to exist. An individual, for example the manager, can be held to be an occupier under the control test. Consequently, this means that under the Act, more than one person can be held to be the occupier of certain premises. The term `occupier' under the Act has also been held to cover local authorities, companies, individuals and partnerships.

Section 1 of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 also defines premises to cover any fixed or movable structure. This can include any vessel, vehicle or even an aircraft. In the cases following the enactment of the legislation such things as chairs, ladders, scaffolding and lifts have been construed to be premises. Obviously such things as buildings and land are clearly included within the definition.

It also applies to visiors The Act someone who has been invited onto the premises, to include those individuals who enter the premises in the exercise of a right conferred by law. They are termed lawful visitors under the Act.
Common Duty of Care

Section 2 of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 states that the common duty of care in relation to occupiers is the duty to take such care as in all the circumstances of the case is reasonable to see that the visitor will be reasonably safe in using the premises for the reason which he or she is invited or permitted to be there.

The fact that it is a common law duty of care, means that it is applied to all lawful visitors. however, it should be noted that the duty is to make the visitor safe and not the premises safe and this is a very important distinction, however, the safety of the covered by the site license and the implied Terms in everyones Agreements.
If your site owner or manager has not provided salt ot grit and you think there may be a risk of injury, you may wish to draw the above to their attention.

I thank Tony Turner of the  JBS Residents Association for the above, important information.


From all supporters of the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign.

Mid Dorset and North Poole MP Annette Brooke has received an OBE for public and political service in the New Year's Honours List. She said: “I am very, very honoured and flattered". 

Mrs Brooke has been an MP for 11 years and won a Best Female MP award in 2010. She began her political career in 1986 when she was elected on to Poole Borough Council and remained a borough councillor until 2003.

Annette is and has been, a highly active supporter of our Park Home Owners Justice Campaign since it began and this award is so well deserved for all the hard work that Annette has done for Park Home Owners and other worthy causes.


Friday 30th November 2012 
Another momentous day for all supporters of:- 

The Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign. 

Today saw the safe passage of the Bill from the House of Commons to the House of Lords and as said in the email that my constituency MP Annette Brooke sent immediately after the result: "The Bill is now on its way to the Lords. The amendment was accepted at the last minute, and all being well it will all be implemented next year!" 

She also said: "she was there in the chamber but didn't dare speak as she didn't want to take up any time in case time ran out for the Bill and it was her fault!!! " 

To keep you all informed.  

That statement from Annette echo' ed the stressful 48 hours that both Annette, Peter Aldous MP and  myself endured before the Bill had it 3rd reading. For as the last minute amendment was introduced, I was asked to write quickly to the MP's involved with the amendment to the Bill. Once the letter was written and ok' d by Annette Brooke MP, the email letters were sent - but as the Bill was lying fifth in the list, there was still every possibility that it would fail at the last minute. 

On Thursday evening, Peter Aldous MP emailed to say that he had signed the amendment and fingers were crossed - but it was still fifth on the list the following morning and it was crucial that it did not run out of parliamentary time before it was heard. Then on Friday morning between 6 and 7am emails were flowing between Annette and myself as the possibility of the failure of the Bill still weighed heavily. 

However, at something past two, the Mobile Homes Bill began and it was clear that every MP was racing through the necessary procedure to 

give the Bill a safe passage before closure at 2.30pm.  In fact, Peter Aldous MP emailed the Campaign directly after the Bill was successful and said - amongst other things - "It was a bit hairy at the end, but we got there." Peter Bone MP - who put forward the amendment - also sent a very nice email after the Bill was passed and a PA at Westminster said: "Great news, I’m so chuffed as I was worried they wouldn't get to it!:"   Best wishes to all supporters of our Justice Campaign were also sent by many residents including Alan Savory MBE of IPHAS.
 As always, grateful thanks are extended to Lord Graham of Edmonton, all the MP's (especially Annette Brooke and Peter Aldous) IPHAS, NAPHR, the Park Homes Magazine, Towergate Insurance,  my husband and rock,Tony McColl, Sonja Lee, the  gentleman who prefers to remain anonymous but does our Campaign Web Site, the two  ladies who also prefer to be anonymous but clean up and handle the facebook page, the JBS Residents Alliance, many Residents Associations whose anonimity I will respect and all others who have helped our campaign in a practical way. 

But today, the main thanks must go to 10.000 park home residents from every county in our country who signed the initial "Petition to the Government." They were the beginning of the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign and without their support over three long years, there would have been no Mobile Homes Bill to even get into the House of Lords today. So a big thank you to each and every one of you for supporting our Campaign. When we all met in London at the various rally's, we said we would stop "Sale Blocking" and get the law changed - and as Annette Brooke MP said, "all being well the Bill that your Justice Campaign has worked for will be implemented next year." 

This is your day, we are more than half way there and each and every member of our Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign can feel proud of what they have achieved together - and I know that next year, in the not too distant future,  we will all be raising a glass of something nice when the Bill gets Royal Ascent and improves the lives of all residents, now and in the future. Best Wishes and thank you all for your wonderful support of our Justice Campaign. Sonia 

PS On behalf of our Justice Campaign, I have sent thank you emails to Peter Aldous MP, Annette Brooke MP, Steve Brine MP, Natascha Engel MP and I will write to Lord Graham of Edmonton and the other MP's - for whom I do not have an email address - that have been so helpful to our Justice Campaign.  








Responsible department: Department for Communities and Local Government

We require the Government to make an amendment to the Mobile Homes Act 1983 to stop "SALE BLOCKING" by the park owner - or - to completely remove the "APPROVAL OF THE BUYER" in the selling process from the park owner. 

We require the Government to introduce a "FIT AND PROPER PERSON TEST" for all park owners and their managers. 

We require the Government to order a further review of the "10% COMMISSION CHARGE" payable to the park owner on the sale of a park home.