Sunday, 25 October 2020

Sunday 25th October 2020

Mobile Homes Debate 23rd October 2020 to be resumed 6th November 2020. Click on link below for full transcript.

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

14th October 2020

Pensioners stage protest over tree felling at mobile homes site | News | The Cornish Times§ionIs=news&searchyear=2020&cat=Local%20People

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Sunday 4th October 2020

HELP DETER FRAUD - USE THE BELOW ADVISORY: The selling of new homes by rogue operators that do not have the requisite planning consents is seemingly increasing, possibly because they are following the lead given by Wyldecrest Parks . The devastation caused to the lives of ordinary people who placed trust in those park owners can be serious and in our view, such practices constitute numerous offences under the 2006 Fraud Act. No-one reading this page would have liked to have been placed in the same position and although not directly affected, we each and all have a responsibility to do what we can to provide the necessary warnings to those who may become our neighbours, even if they are later served with Enforcement Notices and are required to leave the park. By then, they will, or should, be in the hands of their solicitors who can proceed on their behalf. Some park owners, including Wyldecrest Parks, have notified residents that such warnings are a breach of their Agreements and that proceedings may be issued seeking their eviction. This is nonsense. Providing prospective buyers with the advice that they should seek legal advice would be seen as a civil duty and the same advice as that given by campaigners for change, the advisory services and by government itself. It is not possible to know who all prospective buyers are or to meet them and now that some residents are taking the initiative, some park owners are attempting to ensure that they do not meet with any residents who might offer such advice, by discussing transactions in private and away from the communities. If the numbers of such sales practices are to be reduced, MORE existing residents who are willing and able, can and should become more proactive and vigilant on sites where this practice is suspected or known by actively seeking out prospective buyers who may be at risk. It may not always be possible to enter into conversation, so we have drafted the below written Advisory. This can simply be placed in an envelope or or handed to them as is when touring the site, when in their cars or by other available means. A site owner CANNOT prevent such action but any intimidatory consequences should be reported both to your local council public protection service and to the police. Most parks will have some residents who will be willing to intervene. The below advisory can be copied and pasted into a document and circulated to them, so that they can be kept on their pockets to be used when an opportunity presents itself. NEW PARK HOMES - ADVICE FOR BUYERS ( Issued by the Park Homes Policy Forum ) PARK HOME LIFE HAS MUCH TO OFFER. HOWEVER, THERE ARE UNSCRUPULOUS PARK OWNERS WHO SELL NEW HOMES TO UNSUSPECTING BUYERS THAT HAVE NO PLANNING CONSENTS . THE CONSEQUENCES CAN CAUSE SERIOUS PROBLEMS FOR THE UNWITTING:. IT MAY WELL BE THAT THE HOME YOU ARE CONSIDERING BUYING HAS BEEN LAWFULLY SITED. HOWEVER , FOR YOUR OWN PEACE OF MIND, WE SUGGEST YOU ASK YOUR SOLICITOR TO MAKE INQUIRIES WITH THE RELEVANT LOCAL AUTHORITY AND THAT YOU DO NOT PART WITH ANY MONEY OR ENTER INTO ANY AGREEMENT WITHOUT TAKING PRIOR LEGAL ADVICE FROM A SOLICITOR FAMILIAR WITH PARK HOME LAW. YOU CAN ALSO OBTAIN ADVICE ABOUT THIS AND OTHER ASPECTS OF PARK HOME LAW, FREE OF CHARGE .BY CONTACTING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING; THE GOVERNMENT SPONSORED LEASEHOLD ADVISORY SERVICE: 020 7832 2525 PARK HELP LINE (staffed by park home owner volunteers ) 0203 846 6601 NAPHR: 01903 816247 IPHAS: 0800 612 6399

Friday, 25 September 2020

Friday 25th September 2020

The NHS COVID-19 app is now available and free to download

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Sunday 20th September 2020

Prevent costs of the Park owner Fitness criteria being passed on to residents

Friday, 18 September 2020

18th September 2020

Park Home residents across Great Britain could be eligible to receive a £140 contribution towards their winter energy costs through the Government’s Warm Home Discount Scheme. Park Home residents can apply for the scheme from the 7th September by visiting

Friday, 7 August 2020

7TH aUGUST 2020

EXETER CROWN COURT 7th August 2020 THEFT of Sonia McColl's Mobile Home. Mr Stewart GREGORY aged 40 of WHITTLES DRIVE, NORMANDY, SURREY and Mr Darren BASELEY aged 46 of HENRYS RUN, CRANBROOK, EXETER, DEVON. were charged with the theft and have pleaded not guilty. Judge HHJ Johnson granted bail and a trial date has been listed for 1st June 2021. I Sonia McColl sincerely thank my wonderful family, the Leasehold knowledge Partnership, Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland QC, Sir Peter Bottomley, Sir Christopher Chope, Tony Turner of the Park Home Policy Forum, Paul Baker of PB Insurance, Richard Drax MP and last but certainly not least, the many thousands of park home residents who belong to the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign and members of the public (here and abroad) for the love, support, and offers of accommodation when I was made homeless after the theft of my home. I will never, ever, forget your kindness and will report on the outcome of the trial in due course. Thank you so much. Sonia.