Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Tuesday 26th April 2022

 The next meeting of the APPG (all party parliamentary group for park homes.)

The AGM and meeting will take place in the Palace of Westminster on 16th May 2022.

I will be there to represent our Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign  and -  if it has not been covered in the Queen's speech on 10th May -  I have asked for the Independent Review of the 10% Commission Charge and the change from RPI to CPI to be included on the agenda - because this affects every park home owner in the land and is what 30.000 park home residents have campaigned for.

In addition to Sir Christopher Chope MP and Heather Williams M;  Sir Gavin Williamson has now joined many other MPs and put his weight behind our campaign.  This is due to the park home residents - who belong to our JUSTICE Campaign -  being proactive and sending copies of the letters our campaign has written to their own constituency MP - and informing their local media.  Proving once again, that this is the way to move forward and get answers. 

There is still time before the Queen's speech on May 10th, so please do try to get your local media to show up this shameful situation, where some of the most vulnerable in our society are forced to pay RPI increases to their Pitch Fees - when their pensions only rise by CPI.

IMy requests for the Agenda are based solely on what our JUSTICE Campaign is trying to achieve.  Other stakeholders, will also have asked for various topics to be on the Agenda or in AOB (any other business.) I will do my best to speak up - where necessary on any subject that is raised - for park home residents.

Best wishes

Click on the link below to see what other Residents have done.

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