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January 7th 2022


NEW YEAR UPDATE from The Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign

This Update contains infomation on the 10% Commission Charge.  A subject that affects EVERY Park Home Resident in the Country and one that our 30,000 supporters have been responsible for getting Government to task the University of Liverpool and Sheffield Hallam to conduct the Independent Review that we campaigned for.

The Minister’s office reports as below:


The Government commissioned the University of Liverpool in March to carry out research and gather data, to enable an assessment to be made of any impacts on the sector of a change to the rate of commission paid on the sale of a home. In April, the research team organized 13 focus group meetings and also carried out a survey of site owners and residents. The team plan to submit their final report at the end of the year.

The University have now concluded their research and their report has been returned to Government.  I will let you know as soon as a decision is made.  I attended one of the focus groups and put forward the reviews of our JUSTICE Campaign.

Importantly - ALTHOUGH SOME FOUR YEARS AGO - GOVERNMENT PROMISED THEY WOULD CHANGE RPI (recommended price index)TO THE LOWER CPI RATE (consumer price index.)  You are all presently suffering from the RPI rise to your monthly pitch fees.  This figure is currently above 6% and of course when added to your pitch fee - will remain there for evermore - notwithstanding that your pensions only rise by CPI and the price of your gas and electricity is escallating.

Government continue to confirm that they will introduce legislation to change this when parliamentary time allows.  They could easily do this.  All they have to do is hand it down as part of the parliamentary time table or as a hand out bill.  Sadly, they do not appear to want to do either and although I have raised questions at the APPG;  sadly it still sits in the department's pending tray until someone decides to send it on its journey.  Of course, this subject does not affect MPs; as few, if any, live in Park Homes or under the regime of greedy landlords - therefore it is clearly not a subject that affects them and they do not seem to be too worried about your circumstances.  Having said that;  there are MPs who are concerned about your plight and I have been grateful to receive their confirmation letters and can only hope they will speak in the chamber on your behalf.

APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group for Park Homes.)

The next meeting is due to be held on Monday 24th January 2022.  I will be there on behalf of our JUSTICE Campaign.  The Agenda has not yet been set, but I have requested that it includes:

1. RPI to CPI and its movement to either the Bill Committee or being handed down as a Private Members Bill.

2. The progress of the 10% Commission Charge and when a decision can be expected.

3. Why Local Authorities are turning a blind eye to site owners placing homes on the parks without planning permission.

4. Fit and Proper.

You will also be aware of the link below that includes the letter that hundreds (if not thousands) of residents have now copied and sent to the Minister regarding the change from RPI to CPI on your pitch fees.  These letters will continue to go out every month until they make the promised change; this is courtesy of  Paul Baker of pb insurance services who print it in their Park Home News Magazine that is delivered every month to all parts of our country.

I have also written to our President Sir Peter Bottomley MP.  Sir Peter is the Father of the House and I have asked if he would please speak with the Minister regarding the RPI to CPI content of our attached letter below.  Sir Peter is also a Vice Chairman of the APPG and will  be at the meeting on the 24th January at which I am told a Minister will be present.

Certainly,  at the APPG my main aim  will be to raise and push the issues that our JUSTICE Campaign has fought for.  ie, the 10% Commission and the change from RPI to CPI on your pitch fee.   I will be asking for answers.  Why the plight of residents has been placed on the back burner and how they expect you to deal with rising costs when your pensions rise by CPI.  What the APPG can do to push this along and when we can expect answers.

If you or the members of your park have not already sent your letter, please open the attachment below and send to the Minister.  With the covid situation, this is the best that we can do to bring our presence to London and I believe it is better than another rally because your letters go straight to the office of the Minister and by inundating him - we are continuing to bring awareness and the message that we are not going away.

After the APPG - if not before - I will keep you all informed on these subjects which affect you all.


It is intended to offer Wyldecrest residents across the UK the opportunity to share information, experiences and give relevant advice, it will also provide Updates about what can and should be done to counter persistent or new abuses and negligence`s and bring residents together, where co-ordinated action is needed in England, Wales and Scotland, including where seen as necessary, the syncronising of applications to regional First Tier Tribunals where abuses and negligence`s are common and in other actions that can collectively be taken.

Membership is free and the list of members will always be kept strictly confidential.  Tony, its founder is looking to locate a like-minded someone on every Wyldecrest Park  who will be willing and able to receive Updates by email, that can then be distributed to homes that do not have direct access to their own computers, therefore keeping everyone informed.

Anyone willing and able to take on these voluntary roles at each site, can email Tony using his private and secure personal email address, letting him have their name, the name and location of the Park, their telephone number.  (ideally landline ) and email address. He will then make contact direct.

Tony says “  where the authorities abdicate their responsibilities, then we must take action ourselves and together, this will have far greater impact than residents at each site standing alone. We need to join together with a common cross-county purpose to ensure that Wyldcrest meet their contractual obligations, do what they are supposed to do and not what they have so far largely got away with “.

I can personally vouch for Tony's dedication, integrity and trustworthiness – but he will need the support of every Wyldecrest Park.

Tony`s email address is :

This is the link to the new Wyldcrest Alliance 

Best Wishes, stay safe and please open the link below if you have not already sent a letter to the Minister.


The Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign

President:  Sir Peter Bottomley MP

                             (Father of the House of Commons)

                                                     Founder:  Sonia McColl OBE

Tel: 07903024612.   Email:


Your Address:




The Rt Hon. Michael Gove MP

Secretary of State for Levelling Up Housing and Communities

House of Commons

London  SW1A OAA


Dear Minister


Park Home Residents in Wales enjoy a CPI increase to their pitch fees.

Park Home Residents in England are still forced to pay the much higher RPI increase.


I write as a member of the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign regarding the Government’s promised change from RPI to CPI on the pitch fee payable by park home owners to the site owner.


As you will be aware, Government promised the change from RPI to CPI in October 2018 (when parliamentary time allows.)  Three years have now passed and although our founder Sonia McColl, has tried to ascertain if it has been included in the parliamentary time table.  Sadly, we can get no clear answer. 


Park home owner’s pensions rise by CPI and the continued use of RPI – particularly in these times when food, fuel and petrol are rising – is very unhelpful to those who have a limited income.


May I therefore respectfully request that if Government has not been able to find time in its programme for the promised change from RPI to CPI; that it offers it as a hand-out bill to a backbench MP to take forward as a Private Members Bill.


Thanking you in anticipation of an early reply and levelling up action.


Yours sincerely


I have also copied this letter to my constituency MP asking that he/she will also voice our request.

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