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1st N ovember 2021


The Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign

President:  Sir Peter Bottomley MP

                             (Father of the House of Commons)

                                                     Founder:  Sonia McColl OBE

Tel: 07903024612.   Email:


Your Address:




The Rt Hon. Michael Gove MP

Secretary of State for Levelling Up Housing and Communities

House of Commons

London  SW1A OAA


Dear Minister


Park Home Residents in Wales enjoy a CPI increase to their pitch fees.

Park Home Residents in England are still forced to pay the much higher RPI increase.


I write as a member of the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign regarding the Government’s promised change from RPI to CPI on the pitch fee payable by park home owners to the site owner.


As you will be aware, Government promised the change from RPI to CPI in October 2018 (when parliamentary time allows.)  Three years have now passed and although our founder Sonia McColl, has tried to ascertain if it has been included in the parliamentary time table.  Sadly, we can get no clear answer. 


Park home owner’s pensions rise by CPI and the continued use of RPI – particularly in these times when food, fuel and petrol are rising – is very unhelpful to those who have a limited income.


May I therefore respectfully request that if Government has not been able to find time in its programme for the promised change from RPI to CPI; that it offers it as a hand-out bill to a backbench MP to take forward as a Private Members Bill.


Thanking you in anticipation of an early reply and levelling up action.


Yours sincerely


I have also copied this letter to my constituency MP asking that he/she will also voice our request.

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