Wednesday, 6 January 2021

6th January 2021

Park Homes Policy Forum YET AGAIN – PARK HOME OWNERS LOSE OUT: In the summer of 2020, utility giant South West Water announced that it was to hand out £20million to customers who can choose whether to take the bounty as £20 slashed from their bill or shares in the company. The Exeter-headquartered firm said it would be sharing the cash after outperforming on its most recent business plan and beating its targets. From Monday, September 21, customers were invited to choose how they would like to receive their £20, taken as a credit on water bills or shares in Pennon Group Plc, South West Water’s (SWW) parent company. It said that Customers who choose not to have shares will automatically receive a £20 credit on their next bill. However, since inquiries made by us on behalf of residents whose water is supplied by South West Water, have confirmed that that indirect customers are NOT eligible for the watershare+ scheme as the credit of £20 is per account, not per household Member. In most cases, the benefit will therefore go direct to the park owner, rather than to those who pay the bills

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