Sunday, 8 November 2020

Sunday 8th November 2020

The JUSTICE Campaign is happy to post this information. Park Homes Policy Forum please pass this on to your neighbours DON`T ALLOW THIS TO BECOME A CASH BONANZA FOR DEVIOUS CROOKS: SOUTH WEST WATER CREDITS: We mentioned some months ago the South West Water scheme to commence in September 2020, where after 'outperforming' its last business plan. its customers have been offered to choose to receive shares in Pennon Group plc, ( South West Water's parent company) alternatively, to automatically receive a £20 credit on their next bill. Residents at St Dominic Park were anticipating the £20 credit to be applied when Wyldecrest recently delivered their water bills dated 1st November but found no deduction had been made, nor is there any indication that they intend to apply the credit in the next. Some time ago, and potentially still relevant, we undertook forensic investigations into water leakage rebates credited to the accounts of just one known rogue park owner that had never been passed on. At just two of their sites, the £60,000 had been pocketed, although later recovered in a negotiated deal with their solicitors. IF YOU LIVE IN A SOUTH WEST WATER AREA – SHARE THIS POST AS WIDELY AS YOU CAN The link to this event can be found below:

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