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The National Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign
President:                The Rt Hon Lord Graham of Edmonton
Vice President:      Natascha Engel MP who is the Deputy Speaker of the House.
Founder:                  Sonia McColl OBE
Please note that the National Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign is not an Advisory Service.  If you need help to get the advice that you need, please click on our PARK – help – LINE page.
From its humble beginning, together as a JUSTICE Campaign the Park Home Residents of our country have brought about the new Mobile Homes Act 2013.  This was an amazing achievement, but we could not have achieved a change in the law without help and our JUSTICE Campaign acknowledges the assistance of:
The late Tony McColl.   Dame Annette Brooke OBE,
  Sonja Lee,  John Bishop,
 Alan Savory MBE and David Tweddle of IPHAS,  Brian Doick MBE of NAPHR,
 Anne Webb, The Park Home & Holiday Magazine,
 Paul Baker of pbinsurance and Tony Turner of Gateway.
We are also indebted to the help of those at Westminster, namely:
Lord Graham of Edmonton, Lord Richard Best,
 Natascha Engel MP,  Steve Brine MP, Robert Buckland MP
 along with many other MP’s and members of the DCLG.
But most important of all:
30,000 plus PARK HOME OWNERS
who have contacted me and offered their support and help.
Although we now have new legislation there is still a lot to be put right before it works properly and I am aware of many residents who are still having major problems – but together we can rid our country of UPO’s and hopefully the promised review in 2017 will help to do that and further safeguard the future of peaceful park home living.
The JUSTICE Campaign makes no charge for membership, but donations to help with the running costs are always gratefully received.  If you wish to donate to the JUSTICE Campaign; please use the contact details below.
If you wish to join the JUSTICE Campaign you can be assured that your details are kept completely confidential.  Please use the contact details below to send you name, address of the park you live on and your email address and telephone number.  All inquiries will be acknowledged.

The National Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign contact details:
Email addresses:                                                               
Telephone:          07903024612  for information or a postal address if you need it.
Sonia McColl OBE
Founder of :       

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