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8th September  2017 


Dear Mr Chope

I am receiving emails from around the country regarding your Mobile Homes and Park Homes Bill as set out below.

Naturally,  Park Home Residents they are very concerned about what might affect them and are asking what is the rational behind your Bill.

I have tried to find a copy of the Bill which does not appear to be in the public domain.  To aid transparency and allay Residents fears,  would you please send me a full copy of your Bill or tell me where it can be found.

Best wishes 

Sonia McColl OBE
Park Home Owners Justice Campaign.

Mobile homes : 1 Commons debate

Bills Presented: Mobile Homes and Park Homes Bill (5 Sep 2017)
...Reading ( Standing Order No. 57) Mr Christopher Chope, supported by Mr Peter Bone, Martin Vickers and Philip Davies, presented a Bill to require the use of published criteria to determine whether  *mobile
homes* and park *homes* are liable for council tax or non-domestic rates; to make provision in relation to the residential status of such *homes*; to amend the *Mobile Home* Acts;

Mobile Homes and Park Homes Bill 2017-19

Type of Bill:
Private Members' Bill (Presentation Bill)
Mr Christopher Chope

Progress of the Bill

Bill started in theHouse of Commons

  1. House of Commons
    1. 1st reading
    2. 2nd reading
    3. Committee stage
    4. Report stage
    5. 3rd reading
  2. House of Lords
    1. 1st reading
    2. 2nd reading
    3. Committee stage
    4. Report stage
    5. 3rd reading
  3. Consideration of Amendments
  4. Royal Assent

Last event

  • 1st reading: House of Commons1st reading: House of Commons (no debate) | 05.09.2017

Next event

  • 2nd reading: House of Commons2nd reading: House of Commons | 20.10.2017

Latest Bill

This Bill is being prepared for publication.

Latest news on the Mobile Homes and Park Homes Bill 2017-19

This Bill is expected to have its second reading debate on Friday 20 October 2017.
This Bill was presented to Parliament on Tuesday 5 September 2017. This is known as the first reading and there was no debate on the Bill at this stage.
This Bill is a Private Member’s Bill. These are often not printed until close to the second reading debate. If the text is not yet available here and you wish to know more about this bill please contact its sponsor, Mr Christopher Chope.

Summary of the Mobile Homes and Park Homes Bill 2017-19

A Bill to require the use of published criteria to determine whether mobile homes and park homes are liable for council tax or non-domestic rates; to make provision in relation to the residential status of such homes; to amend the Mobile Home Acts; and for connected purposes.

23rd June  2017 


Following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower many residents have asked about the safety of their park home insulation.  I have telephone Park Homes Insulations Ltd requesting a report on the safety of their wall boarding.  Please see their response letter below.  If you have used or are thinking of using any other wall insulation contractor, may I suggest that you contact them direct and ask for the fire safety of their product.

Dear Sonia,

With reference to your request for information in relation to the external wall insulation products that Park Home Insulations install to residential park homes across the UK, I can confirm the following:

The system used on the Grenfell Tower is very different and comprises of a rainscreen, curtain walling over cladding that has an air gap therefore not directly fixed against the wall and is allegedly made of flammable plastic sheets sandwiched between aluminium sheets.

  • The external wall insulation system that Park Home Insulations Ltd install to park homes is an industry recognised system that carries a fire rating of 0 (zero) which improves the fire rating for park homes.
  • Our system has been tested and certified by BBA (British Board Agrément) who are a UK body issuing certificates for construction products and systems and providing inspection services in support of their designers and installers.
  • The outside coating (renders) are cement based and therefore non-combustible.
  • Our system is fixed directly to your external walls with no air gaps.
  • The insulation panels we install are the external wall insulation industry standard EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Styrofaom) and not plastic.

If you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 3134559.


Kind Regards

Steve Barnard

National Business Development Manager
Park Home Insulations Ltd
Tel : 01404 42968
Mob : 07793 485564

16th June  2017 




 A consultation about whether the maximum commission rate of 10%,  currently chargeable on the sale of every park home should be retained, changed, or abolished has been published by the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children. Plans for a formal consultation were announced in March 2017 following a review of the economics of the sector commissioned by the Welsh Government.

We want to hear your views. This is an important opportunity for those who would be affected to have their say.  It is therefore essential that all interested parties take advantage of the opportunity this consultation provides to submit any relevant information and to provide robust evidence to support their views on the future role of the park home commission rate.

The consultation will close on 17 August 2017.

You can access the consultation online at

 Or you can request a printed copy of the paper by contacting  or 0300 062 8189.

 Mae’n rhaid i bobl sy’n rhentu eiddo preifat yng Nghymru gofrestru a chael trwydded neu ddefnyddio asiant â thrwydded. Gall y rhai nad ydynt yn cydymffurfio wynebu cosb sefdlog neu ddirwy.  I ddysgu mwy a chydymffurfio, ewch i

 People who rent out private properties in Wales must be registered and either obtain a licence or use a licensed agent. Those who do not comply can be issued with a fixed penalty or fine. To find out more and comply, visit

On leaving the Government Secure Intranet this email was certified virus free. Communications via the GSi may be automatically logged, monitored and/or recorded for legal purposes.

Wrth adael Mewnrwyd Ddiogel y Llywodraeth nid oedd unrhyw feirws yn gysylltiedig â’r neges hon. Mae’n ddigon posibl y bydd unrhyw ohebiaeth drwy’r GSi yn cael ei logio, ei monitro a/neu ei chofnodi yn awtomatig am resymau cyfreithiol.

30th May  2017 








Dear Justice Campaign Member

30th May 2017

Below is a copy of a letter that I have just sent to the DCLG (personal name removed.)  It contains my thoughts.  The Welsh Statement on the 10% Commission charge and a link to the Consultation Document.  

If you live in Wales, then please do make sure that you complete this important  Consultation Document for which the Welsh Park Home Residents have worked so hard.

If you live in England.  You will know that you have all worked equally as hard and may like to email the DCLG at 
with your thoughts on the way England seems to lag behind Wales even though our MPs unanimously voted for an INDEPENDENT AND TRANSPARENT REVIEW OF THE 10% COMMISSION CHARGE in October 2014.  Although disgraceful, it would appear that it matters not what MPs vote for as it can be easily brushed under the carpet. 


Best Wishes   Sonia 


Would you please be so kind as to pass the Welsh Consultation Document that is attached at the bottom of this email to Connor Power.  (There are two attachments; one in Welsh and one in English.) 

I do realise that your closing date was the 27th May but I do consider it very important that the Minister (whoever that might be) and the Sec: of State for Communities and Local Government are (if not already) aware of the giant steps forward that the Welsh Government is making with regard to the 10% Commission Charge.  This is a clear, concise and easy to understand Consultation Document that I think should have been done in England, particularly as Westminster MPs called for this in 2014.

I will be posting this on the Justice Campaign Web Site and Data Base.  In addition, I will be also be sending it with the anecdotal statistics on Park Owners Revenue to every MP - after the election.

I would be grateful if you could please acknowledge receipt of this email.

With very best wishes    Sonia



 Graeme Francis
Petitions Committee/Pwyllgor Deisebau

National Assembly for Wales
Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru







Consultation on the Park Homes Commission Rate  
25 May  2017
Carl Sargeant AM, Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children
Further to my announcement in March, I have, today, started a formal consultation with park home owners and operators and interested parties about whether the maximum commission rate of 10%,  currently chargeable on the sale of every park home should be retained, changed, or abolished.

As many of you know, there are strongly held, but conflicting views amongst park owners and residents on this issue.  Consequently, as the review I commissioned last year into the economics of the park homes sector did not provide sufficient evidence to determine the future of the commission rate, I wanted to provide a further opportunity for those affected to have their say.   

I would encourage everyone with an interest in this issue to make their views known and to provide robust evidence to support their views.  In particular, park owners should provide access to detailed financial information if they wish to justify maintaining the current position.  

The consultation is available at:, and will close on 17 August 2017.

26th May  2017 

Dear  Justice Campaign Member

MANCHESTER.  I am sure that all members of the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign send their sincere condolences to the people of Manchester on their terrible loss.  God Bless You All.  

About two weeks ago, I received a telephone call from Lord Ted Graham (President of our Justice Campaign.)  He asked me for the names and addresses of all those who were actively working to help Park Home Residents because he wanted to write them a thank you letter.  I provided as many names and addresses as I could and hopefully those people have now all received their individual letter from Lord Ted.

I also asked Lord Ted if he would like me to send a letter from him to all the members of our Justice Campaign.  Below is a typewritten copy of the letter that Lord Ted has sent to me.  As you will see, he has included his address and will be so pleased to hear from you if you would like to write to him.

Lord Ted has been a real champion for all Park Home Owners and on behalf of the Justice Campaign I feel sure that you will all agree that we wish him well and send him our sincere thanks for all he has done to help us.

Best Wishes

From Lord Ted Graham
Knebworth Care Home
59 London Road
Woolmer Green

Hello Campers!

Long time - No Speak.  I am laid low due to a severe heart attack followed by arthritis which is painful but eased with a gel.

I have now not been to Westminster for more than a year and while I keep in touch with the Lords, my voice, alas does not boom on your behalf.

The purpose of this letter is to thank most sincerely the many of your Justice Campaign members who have written to me.  If any of your members were to write to me again, I would be delighted and reply.

Of course as always the Interest of your members continues to be in my mind. 

Good Luck to you all

Lord Ted Graham.


Part 1 of the call for evidence submissions closes on the 27th May.  So you will need to get your submissions in by the 27th May.

I have heard that Part 2 of the call for evidence will not be taking place in May.  Below is a letter from the DCLG in relation to the date  when Park 2 would be issued.

Unfortunately due to the General Election we are unable to advise on any future consultations or policy plans.

Kind regards

Connor Power

Connor Power
Policy Advisor|Better Rented and Leasehold Sector
3rd Floor | 2 Marsham Street | Westminster | London SW1P 4DF

19th April 2017 

Dear Justice Campaign Member

Since before Easter, my computer was infected with a virus and was the subject of hacking.  I tried to send the park homes legislations call for evidence to you all but all were returned as blocked.  However, although blocked, some did get through - but I don't know how many.  Therefore I am sending again, now that the security guys have cleared my PC.   I have also heard that some people were rather worried about giving the requested evidence and showing their personal details in case it got back to park owners, the BH & HPA etc.,

I have contacted the DCLG regarding this and he has assured me that neither the Industry, APPG members or Working Group members will see your submissions.  ONLY THE DCLG will see them and they are perfectly safe.  If the information were to be used, ALL PERSONAL DETAILS WOULD BE REDACTED.  So there are no worries and this is your opportunity to answer the questions that can be found by clicking on the link in the passage below.

“Review of Park Homes legislation: call for evidence (Part 1)”.  The document is seeking evidence on the fairness of charges, transparency of ownership and harassment of residents.  You can read the document at

In addition to the above, I thank all those who have sent me the  statistics of their Park Owners Revenue.   Although anecdotal,  It makes very clear and interesting reading.  I have prepared the Revenue Statistics and had intended to give every MP a copy of these revenue stats.  I was due to take them to London during the first week in May; however, as we now have an election, I will not be taking them to London for distribution to every MP until after the election on June 8th.  This will ensure that every MP who will be elected will receive them.  

As you know the Justice Campaign does not charge and it would have been impossible for me to produce almost 2000 sheets of printed paper that makes up the amount needed to give a copy of the Park Owners Revenue stats to the 650 MPs at Westminster.

Therefore, we are indebted to Paul Baker of Paul Baker Insurance who has paid for the printing and has supplied the 650 envelopes that are needed for them.  As a small thank you to Paul, if you have not already obtained a quote for your Park Home Insurance, why not ring Paul free on 0800 0385092 for a quotation, advice or guidance.  He offers a personal, no call centres, no answer machine - just friendly people service and if you tell him that you are a Justice Campaign Member you will also get a 15% discount if you purchase an insurance policy for your park home.

Very soon the candidates will be calling on you to ask for your vote.  This is your chance to ask each and everyone of them if they are willing to support your JUSTICE Campaigns call for an Independent and Transparent review/investigation of the site owners certified accounts with regard to the 10% Commission Charge and support a change from RPI to CPI on the pitch fee review.  If any of them should agree, why not ask them to put it in writing that if they are elected as your MP, they will support you as a park home resident and your call for the above review of the 10% and RPI to CPI.  If any of them are brave enough to give you their support and become your elected MP.  Please let me know and your JUSTICE Campaign will write to remind them of their promised support.

Many of you are asking if the coming election is going to push the promised 2017 review further away.  I don't know the answer - but I do know that after the June election your JUSTICE Campaign will continue to push for all that we have and are campaigning for.

There is a good write up in the Park Homes and Holiday Magazine - but sadly they were not brave enough to add the wonderful photos of the protesting residents and their banners.  I have not written any reply to the magazine as I anticipate that park owners will probably respond in the next edition.  If they do, you can be sure that I will answer them.


Changes to the Government’s ECO Scheme which came into effect from 1st April 2017 now mean that funding is available for the replacement of faulty central heating boilers and faulty electric storage heaters for park home residents who receive certain State Benefits and Tax Credits.

Although ECO funding was officially available for park homes prior to this date, the method of calculating ECO grants in individual cases was not favourable to park home residents; this has now changed.  However, although a contribution to the cost of replacement may be required in some cases, the initial survey is free and applicants can withdraw their application without cost if they consider that the contribution is too high.

At the moment we are taking enquiries from park home residents who have faulty oil boilers, faulty LPG boilers and faulty electric storage heaters.

More information, together with full qualifying criteria can be found at:

Also, please don't forget that if you are worried and need a friendly voice to pass you on to someone who can help with your problems.


Best Wishes

17th April 2017 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION that asks for your comments.

a “Review of Park Homes legislation: call for evidence (Part 1)”.  The document is seeking evidence on the fairness of charges, transparency of ownership and harassment of residents.  The document can be read at:

7th March 2017 

Last night on Inside Out (that can be viewed today on BBC I player ) or pick it up at this link Jon Cuthill told of the problems of park home owners. He also ask for comments on the park home story.
Would you please email him at and inform him of the THREE NATIONS RALLY and the devastating effect it has by leaving you TRAPPED in your homes because you can only buy something inferior to what you already have after parting with 10% of your equity to the site owner who does absolutely nothing for it.. Please also mention that if you need to sell your home to go into care, this seriously affects the amount and quality of care you can receive. If you have the press release for the rally, please send it to him.
He has asked for comment, so please take advantage of this and contact him with regard to the 10% Rally. I have written to him, but we need hundreds of you to write.

Craig Henderson reveals the secrets of some of the castles along the Jurassic Coast.

22nd January 2017 

It is with much sadness that I heard about the death of
" Bill " 
from Bramley Park in Derbyshire on 22nd December 2016.
Bill has always been an ardent follower of our JUSTICE Campaign and has been seen in London at our rally's on many occasions.
Bill was always there with his fellow park home residents; sporting their black "10% day-lite Robbery" tee shirts
and I feel sure that his spirit will be with us on the 21st March.
Our most heartfelt sympathy goes to  his friend and partner
and  to his many friends at Bramley Park.

Rest in Peace " Bill " from all your friends at the Justice Campaign.

4th December 2016 

It's Official
to challenge the 10% Commission Charge
will happen on 21st March 2017

Our friends and fellow Park Home Residents in Wales and Scotland are united with us in our call for a change to the 10% Commission Charge and their appointed co-ordinators are busy contacting the Park Home Residents within those two great Nations.

This exciting and united front from our THREE NATIONS (which I think is a FIRST and is totally welcomed by our JUSTICE Campaign) has been the subject of much discussion and further exciting things that are being organised will be announced in the New Year.

Our London rally is very well subscribed with many residents travelling to London on 21st March 2017.  Travelling long distances can of course be very taxing for some elderly residents and we are grateful to Paul Baker of PB Insurance Services and Ann Barradine of Consumer Warmth for their generosity in sponsoring a coach to bring Residents to London from the Midlands.

There are also many Park Home Residents in the South West who would also like to travel to London - but alas the distance has made it impossible for them to get to London in time for the events.  Our JUSTICE Campaign - that does not charge for membership and therefore has no funds - has tried to get sponsorship to help those residents - but sadly no one has felt able to help.  If you know of a willing sponsor, please contact them - or - ask them to contact me at the JUSTICE Campaign.  We can not pay them - but we can advertise their generosity.

I am constantly speaking with MP's at Westminster and we have some exciting plans in the pipe-line that  I hope to reveal to you all in the New Year and I must say that we are so lucky to have the support of these MP's.

I think it is absolutely fabulous that our friends from across the borders- in Wales and Scotland - have joined with us and together we will rally under the banner of the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign - because our campaign crosses all borders.  The fact is:  There is no us and them.  We are all Park Home Owners who should be enjoying a peaceful retirement - but sadly that is not the case for far too many people.  However, we are making our mark.  We will not go quietly away and for this cause  we will all sing from the same hymn sheet and I believe that TOGETHER we will make a difference.

Sonia McColl  Organiser of the THREE NATIONS RALLY

27th November 2016 


Last winter Charis Grants administered a government backed pilot scheme which gave park home residents the chance to apply for a £140 rebate for their electricity bill.

More than 1600 park home residents received rebates last year (including many supporters of the Justice Campaign).

From 5th December 2016 the scheme will be open again for applications, including those people who received an award from the pilot scheme earlier in the year.

For more information about the scheme and to apply for your £140 rebate, please visit or call the Charis team of dedicated agents on 0330 380 1040.

13th September 2016 

This morning (13th September 2016) 
I received a telephone call from our President "Lord Graham of Edmonton"
 fondly known to us all as "Lord Ted."

Lord Ted, has told me that he has suffered a heart attack
and also has severe arthritis.

He is being cared for in a a lovely Care Home
and only has to push a bell to have several nurses to help him.

He has asked me to let all in the Park Home World
know that he is still thinking of them
I have expressed to him what I know you will all wish.

A heart felt thank you for all he has done for Park Home Residents and
our best wishes and prayers that he will soon be well and comfortable again.

He did not want any more cards as he has been inundated with them
and so I will not be publishing his care home address.


22nd July 2016 

Good Parks, Bad Parks.  How do we know?
Our JUSTICE Campaign had hoped to be able to offer some answers to the question under this heading on our web site.  Certainly we are in possession of letters from eleven park home residents who say they are living on good parks and have a good park owner.  However, a large number of Parks and their owners have been named by residents as unscrupulous.  These names have been passed to those who have parliamentary privilege and although we would have liked to print all the information, Good and Bad, there has been much controversy over this situation and the JUSTICE Campaign has had to take expert legal advice.  The outcome is that we are advised to NOT print any of this information.    I will certainly not endanger or put the JUSTICE Campaign at risk and therefore I will not be posting anything on this subject and the heading will be permanently removed from the JUSTICE Campaign Web Site.
Sonia McColl


Following its initiation in February of this year; the PARK-help-LINE is moving from strength to strength and I am pleased to report that the many residents who have phoned the help line have expressed their gratitude for this FREE, Friendly, Confidential and efficient service that is manned from 10am to 5pm Monday to Fridays.  However, if we are to reach more people we need extra advertising.  May I therefore ask you to please copy the attached leaflet and send it around your park.  May I also ask that you give a copy to your Local Authority and ask them to publicise it on their web pages for the park home residents in their area.  If they should have a problem with this, please ask them to contact me at the Justice Campaign and I will happily send a leaflet to them.  Paul Baker, our sponsor is sending leaflets out with all his quotations and I will ask the Park Homes Magazine to give us some more free coverage – because we need all the help we can get if we are to help to direct more residents to those who can properly assist them.
Of course this service would not work without our trained volunteer Operators who man the phones every day to help Park Home Residents and Paul Baker of Paul Baker Insurance who has agreed to again sponsor the cost of PARK-help-LINE for a further six months.  Paul is also offering JUSTICE Campaign Supporters a massive 15% discount if you purchase your park home insurance through his new firm – so why not call Paul on 0800 038 5090 for an insurance quote on your park home.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

19th June 2016 


Our National Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign
sends its deepest sympathy
to the family of
Jo Cox MP

It’s the saddest of days when our MP’s and all others who work for the wider good are in need of protection advice just for doing their job.
The news also reports that many MP’s and others are ridiculed and suffer abuse of their characters on Social Media.
How have we arrived at this sick time when lovely people like Jo Cox was slaughtered by and individual who would not even state his name - and other faceless people who find in entertaining to slate MP’s and others on Social Media?

We may not have known you personally Jo
but our JUSTICE Campaign
applauds you and the work you did.
Rest in Peace

7th May 2016 


Please take this letter seriously and act accordingly.
If you receive a letter delivered by Royal Mail which does have your address on the envelope
but a different name which you will not recognise, you are legally entitled to open up this envelope to discover the contents.
The contents of that letter will contain details of an agreement between various mobile telephone suppliers and providers such as 02, Telefonica, Vodaphone etc which will also contain the telephone number and name of the person who took out their agreement with the service provider.
This means that bills for this service will soon be coming your way addressed to your home.
Do not attempt to try to telephone either the name of the person on this invoice or the service provider as this avenue has already been approached and basically, they are not interested and do not want to get involved.
People who have received such correspondence have take it  to their Police Station and a Police investigation is being conducted.
It seems as though the person named on the invoice is using other people's addresses in which to obtain brand new telephones and contracts with the service provider.

Finally, please do not telephone the person named on the invoice/agreement.  Contact your own Police Station.   

16th March 2016 

Cornwall Park Homes Forum

Meeting to be held on 31 March 2016 at 1.15pm
at Hayle Rugby Club, Marsh Lane, Hayle TR27 5HX
The event is open to non-members and visitors without the need to make a formal reservation.

Invited Guests and Speakers are as follows:

Antony Tregenna, LEASE Park Homes Advisor
Graham Bailey, Senior Licensing Compliance Officer, Cornwall Council
Martin Fisher, Trading Standards Practitioner, Cornwall Council
Stephen Hassall, IPHAS
Councillor Joyce Duffin, Housing & Environment, Cornwall Council

3rd March 2016 

 County Court Success for the Residents Association of
Homelands Park 

 4th January 2016  

Congratulations to
Brian Doick of NAPHR
who was made an MBE
in the New Year Honours
for services to the park home industry.

13th December 2015  2105  

The Justice Campaign was pleased to be invited to attend a champagne reception to mark the official opening of Paul Baker Insurance Services at their Hewlett Road offices in Cheltenham.

Paul Baker has always assisted our Justice Campaign and offers Justice Campaign supporters 15% discount on their park home insurance.  The photos show the official opening by Alex Melvin  and the first customers receiving champagne and flowers.

To get a quote and claim your 15% discount telephone 0800 0385033

26th October  2105  

Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign
7 Silent Woman Park
BH20 7PE
Tel: 01929 553110


I frequently receive feedback from residents which refer to their approaches to Local Authorities concerning site owners they regard as unfit to trade in the Park Home sector and where, for a variety of given reasons, they have been told by their Council that they do not have the powers or resources to seek the revoking of their licenses.

If you are faced with this position, you may wish to refer your council to the recent letter sent by the Housing Minister Brandon Lewis to Sheryll Murray MP ( East Cornwall. Cons ) following a request for this issue to be referred to him. His letter in reply includes the following:

`I have noted your constituents comments and suggestions about revoking site licenses. As previously mentioned, however, local authorities already have powers to apply to the Magistrates` Court to revoke site license in relation to breaches of site license conditions. In addition, we have given local authorities additional enforcement powers including for the first time, powers to issue compliance notices and enter a site in an emergency to carry out works. In all cases, authorities will be able to recover their costs from the site owner including through local land charge and if the debt is extensive and remains unpaid, by forcing the sale of the site or appointing a receiver. Also, Directors, secretaries and other relevant officers of a company that is found guilty of a license offence will be liable to be punished`


If you believe that your site owner is unfit to hold a license, it is clear that your Local Authority has the powers to act but it will need to secure documentary evidence that can be used by them at a Magistrates Court. For this reason it is important that residents and their Association if there is one, keep full records of all relevant events and copies of all associated correspondence. If you want and need change, apathy is not an option and all and not just some residents need to work together.

If you believe you have already accumulated the necessary evidence, then do not be fobbed off by your council and demand action. The contact details of all Chief Executives and other senior officers can be found on your local authority websites and their roles include your protection from  rogue landlords and the issuing of legal proceedings where justified. Always keep your MP involved and approach your local media if there are issues that you believe need to be publicly exposed. Above all, remember that rogue site owners rely upon residents apathy and that councils can only act against the available evidence. If you write to them, copy and paste the above content of the Ministers letter so there can be no misunderstanding or denials of the powers that have been afforded to them.

Tony Turner
JBS Residents Action Alliance

7th October  2105  


The issue
of dangerous trees has previously been looked at by Nicolas 
Dyson and Aimee
Hutchinson from Blacks solicitors and by Ibraheem 
Dulmeer of the Leasehold
Advisory Service and, whilst each case will be 
subject to the details
contained with the Site Park Rules, in a recent 
case the Tribunals view was
that one should look at the responsibility 
of the Park Home Resident first.
Once established, the remaining 
responsibilities are with the Site

The only mention of trees in the exampled implied Terms refers to the

Site Owner being obliged to keep the trees in a clean and tidy 
condition. In
this case, the Tribunal used this reasoning to explain 
that the obligation to
remove a dangerous tree would be the 
responsibility of the site owner, as the
pitch and importantly the 
tree, does not belong to the Park Home Resident –
but to the Site owner.

In conclusion, the Tribunal determined that any
ambiguity should be 
resolved in favour of the Park Home Resident because the
tree had been 
planted by the site owner or a predecessor in title and it would
unreasonable to expect the park home owner to be responsible for 

If you do have an issue with a dangerous tree where your Site Owner is

attempting to pass the responsibility and costs over to you as the

home-owner, check the position with the Park Home Leasehold Advisory 
who can be contacted on 020 7832 2525

[Contributed by Tony Turner with thanks
to the Park Home and Holiday 

25th August 2105  

If you live in the vicinity of West Sussex, you are invited to attend our
FREE roadshow for park home residents
hosted by Towergate Insurance at:
Martlets Hall, Civic Way, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9NN on Thursday 17th September.
Doors open at 2pm for tea & coffee.
 The Start time is 3pm, finish at 5pm.
Places are limited, so book yours today. Numbers are strictly limited to 125 so it’s essential to register in advance to secure a seat.  Car parking is available on site. Upon registering , we’ll require your name, park home address and contact details of each attendee.

This will be the 16th Towergate roadshow and to date, they have been attended by over 2,000 park home residents. The event is designed to give  park home residents a unique opportunity to listen to and to question a leading panel of park home experts, and to hear about the recent changes in park home legislation contained in the Mobile Homes Act 2013.

Following a short presentation from our expert speakers, there will be a question and answer session.
To register, all you need to do is email or call 01242 538445

The Panel are:

Adam Summersby   Adam is Head of Caravan and Park Homes at Towergate Insurance who launched the road shows in 2012 in a bid to raise awareness and understanding amongst park home residents of the impending Mobile Homes Act. Having worked alongside Paul Baker (former Park Home Account Director) Adam recognises the value in these events and the importance of providing a forum on which people can speak freely. Alongside the road shows Towergate are also the main sponsors of IPHAS.  Adam will chair the event.

Sonia McColl OBE   Sonia is the founder of the Park Home Owners’ JUSTICE Campaign which was instrumental in bringing forward new legislation to end sale blocking. She is now campaigning for a Government review of the 10% commission paid by park home residents to park owners upon the sale of their homes and supporting the Age UK campaign for dedicated insulation funding for park homes. Sonia received an OBE for her services to the park home community and is a leading park home campaigner.

Alan Savory MBE   Alan is a senior advisor with The Independent Park Home Advisory Service (IPHAS, He is an expert in park home legislation and has many years of experience advising and helping park home
residents. He has been involved in discussions with Government about park home legislation and attended meetings of the All Party Parliamentary Group which considered the welfare of park home residents. Alan received an MBE for his services to IPHAS.

Neil Miller   Neil is a specialist park home lawyer with Park Home Legal Services (PHLS). He has many years of experience advising and helping park home residents with all aspects of park home legislation, from disputes with park owners to buying and selling. He is regular speaker at Towergate’s road shows and usually responds to the bulk of the questions!

Chris Humphreys    Chris has worked as an advisor at the Leasehold Advisory Service since 1998. He was seconded to the Government for a period between 2003 and 2010 to work on the introduction of legislation in the area of both park homes and residential leasehold. He is a new speaker at Towergate’s roadshows.

3rd May  2015

Pay dispute over homes leads builders to smash up walls
By Sarah Robinson

BUILDERS smashed up base walls around two homes at a Nethertown residential park after a pay dispute with the site’s owners.

It is understood the builders erected the walls around the two homes at Lakeland View, which is owned by Lifestyle Living.
Tony Nay, of the Lakeland View Residents’ Association, said: “They built the walls around two houses. On completion they put the bill in which was then disputed by Lifestyle Living, which led to the non-payment of the builders. In retribution they came back and knocked down the walls which they had built.”
He said residents saw the builders at the site last Wednesday breaking up the walls.
Lifestyle Living is now set to start legal proceedings against the builders on behalf of the property owner and Lifestyle Living Group.
Eric Burton and Mr Nay, of the residents’ association said, in the main, residents sympathised with the builders who would have been struggling to pay their costs.
Mr Burton said: “We couldn’t fault their work at all. They used the very best materials.”
The pair claim there is a number of issues that owners Lifestyle Living have not tackled at the site. They say there are problems with lights not working, potholes in the road which exits the site, a disused plot and other maintenance issues. The site has also been without rules since February.
Mr Burton said: “It’s a totally unsettled site caused by Lifestyle Living. People feel let down, disappointed and angry.” He said households pay up to £150 per month for the site management and maintenance.
Malcolm Buckingham, chairman of Lifestyle Living Group, said: “Following a dispute over inflated costs, we are currently in the process of starting legal proceedings on behalf of both the property owner in question and Lifestyle Living Group.
“When we completed the acquisition of the company and Lakeland View Park, there were many challenges that were inherited from the previous owners. We have been working closely with the Residents’ Association to reach a positive solution.”
Mr Buckingham added: “This has included the purchase of improved lighting for the park, which is being installed in the coming days, and the introduction of new site rules, which have been fully completed in line with the Residents Association’s request. These rules are currently in approval with the local authority, a process which can take up to 21 days.”
First published at 10:37, Thursday, 30 April 2015
Published by

23rd March 2015

LORD GRAHAM OF EDMONTON'S  Speech in the House of Lords 25th March 2015

Lord Graham of Edmonton (Lab): 

My Lords, I am pleased to have the opportunity of speaking in this debate. Having asked the Minister to note that I intend to speak on my pet subject of mobile homes and the attention paid to it by the Government, I confess to him that I will not be able to stay here until the end of the debate because I am not well. But I am obligated to make one or two points.

I thought that there would be a fair bit in the Budget Statement on housing. Although the Government have lots of plans for housing, there is very little direct reference to it in the Statement. When I asked for the Treasury background papers, I found that a great deal has been put in train on housing by the Government, and that relaxed me a little bit.

In an earlier debate on mobile homes, I relied on information received that Mr Henry Morrison Junior had practised what was called “sales blocking” on his park at Welford-on-Avon, Warwickshire. This practice has disappeared, largely as a result of the 2013 Act. Mr Morrison wrote to me saying that he had never taken part in such actions. I immediately wrote to him, apologised and promised to express my withdrawal of any allegation of such a policy. He has my full approval to use this apology, and I reiterate my regrets and apologise unreservedly. I want to put that on the record.

Very often, parliamentarians are written to by interest groups with their point of view. There are one or two who do so in respect of park homes: Sonia McColl, who is very active in the JUSTICE campaign; Mr Tony Turner, who represents a group in Cornwall; and others. I rely completely on them. In the main, what they send to me has already been sent to the Minister. Therefore, all I want the Minister to do is give me an assurance that he will draw the attention of his parliamentary colleagues to what I have got to say.
The matter deserves attention. There was a phrase that was used by the Government some time ago: “We’re all in this together”. Well, some of us are more in it than others. I think that people who live in mobile homes are getting the short end of the stick. Most of them are aged; most of them are infirm; most of them rely on the good will of the site owner—and many of the site owners can be castigated. The mobile homes population is well looked after not only by the organisations that I have mentioned but by other people, too.

What strikes me is the gap between what the establishment says and what those representing residents experience. Let me illustrate that in the following way. From a small sample, the JUSTICE Campaign, so ably led by Sonia McColl, tells me that police were “wonderful” in Cornwall but that in Arun District Council they were not. The police were helpful in Bracknell, but action was not taken on complaints to the police in east Hertfordshire. No police action was taken in north Somerset, but it was taken in Maidstone. Police were helpful in Test Valley, but in Sevenoaks they said that it was a civil matter and not a criminal one.

That reminds me of a case that was investigated. Inspector Colquhoun of the West Mercia Police was instrumental in making inquiries. One night, a group of men deliberately set fire to two mobile homes on a site. They were caught and they were sentenced, eight of them, to 64 years in prison—so you can see the seriousness of the matter.

Sonia McColl provided a document known as the “name and shame” list—the Minister already has this information. Twenty site owners are on the list. One owner had 13 parks with 120 homes; another had three sites with 118 homes; another had four sites with 234 homes; another had eight sites with 417 homes; yet another had two sites with 67 homes; another had 17 sites with 1,000 homes; and yet another had 43 sites.
I have with me a newspaper cutting which draws attention to the fact that, in the matter of council house sales, a man and his wife in the Ashford area own 1,000 homes. They have bought them and are renting them out. They are thinking in terms of selling their portfolio, which is estimated to be worth millions of pounds. There is something wrong in the field of housing when that sort of situation can take place.

In the time that I have left, I will simply refer to what other councils are doing. In Cornwall, they issue a document to every resident of a park home. The Minister will know that there is a gap between the activities of the ministry concerned and the effective dissemination of the information to the residents. It is not easy, but it needs to be improved.
Last week, Sarah Wollaston, who is chair of the Health Committee in the other place, asked the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government how many local authorities had,
“revoked the licences of park home site owners who have breached their site licences more than three times in the last two years”.
The Minister had to say that the Government had no information about this activity. My point is that direct action needs to be taken against site owners who have been taken to court and dealt with, yet who refuse to comply. The written statement which governs these things lays down obligations and responsibilities for the site owner and the applicant. I see that the Whip on duty is smiling at me and he does not do that very often. I know what the smile means, so I will sit down.

Sonia McColl OBE 
Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign
7 Silent Woman Park
BH20 7PE
Tel: 01929 553110

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