On the following link, Park Home Residents can read the minutes and draft minutes of the  APPG meetings.  You will see from my letter to Mr. Chope (below) that I have not agreed the 13th March 2017 Draft Minutes.  I believe that it is important for all park home residents that what the Minister actually said regarding the 10% commission charge is accurately documented for future reference and I have asked for the minutes to be altered accordingly.



Dear Mr. Chope

Reference:  APPG on Park Homes. Draft minutes of the meeting held on the 13th March 2017

Thank you for the draft minutes, however I feel they have not adequately covered certain topics of importance that were said by the Minister and myself.

At the end of the Minister's address  to the meeting, he said "I will not be reviewing the 10%"  which is not included in the minutes.

  1. I then referred the Minister to the Hansard quotation of the debate on the 30th October 2014 when all MP's unanimously voted for an independent and transparent review of the 10% commission charge.  (not included in the minutes.)

The remainder of what I said is quoted (a little out of context) in para 8 on page 5 of the minutes.

Following my reference to the Minister of Hansard.  The Minister said that  "He would reconsider"  (not included in the minutes.)

As I know you will be aware from the rally and presentation to Downing Street that you attended, it is most important to thousands of park home residents that this reference by the Minister of his reconsideration of the 10% review is documented. 

May I ask if you would kindly have the minutes altered to show exactly what the Minister said on this topic.

With best wishes

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